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Saipan 1944 (136 AARs)
2012-12-01 campsawyer English Saip001 4/5 Tough landing for the Marines
2012-12-02 JayTownsend English Saip001 5/5 Saipan, scenario one: Red Beach
2012-12-15 PatC English Saip001 5/5 Red Beach 1.....or This beach is an expensive place to park the amphtrack!
2013-01-07 scrane English Saip001 4/5 Close but no cigar
2014-11-17 thomaso827 English Saip001 4/5 Deep & Wide
2017-12-12 Retiredgrunt17 English Saip001 5/5 A Tough Landing
2018-01-14 Blackcloud6 English Saip001 5/5 To the Last Turn.
2012-12-28 JayTownsend English Saip002 5/5 Saipan, scenario #2: Green Beach
2013-05-29 scrane English Saip002 4/5 Millions of bullets can't be wrong
2014-05-11 campsawyer English Saip002 3/5 Study in American beach landings
2016-07-01 thomaso827 English Saip002 4/5 Failing to Hold
2012-12-02 JayTownsend English Saip003 4/5 Saipan, scenario three: Probing the Marines
2012-12-24 PatC English Saip003 4/5 Probing Marines....a day at the beach??
2013-02-08 scrane English Saip003 3/5 Keep your probe to yourself!
2013-02-15 enrique Español Saip003 3/5 Escaramuza de blindados en la playa
2013-02-16 Matt W English Saip003 4/5 Concentration
2013-03-21 leonard English Saip003 3/5 A poor counterattack
2014-05-04 campsawyer English Saip003 4/5 An Army Navy game
2014-07-04 thomaso827 English Saip003 4/5 Broken Probe
2015-09-19 J6A English Saip003 4/5 Well, that was fast
2012-12-02 JayTownsend English Saip004 5/5 Saipan, scenario four: Blue Beach Push
2013-02-24 PatC English Saip004 3/5 Blue Beach Push or No lifeguard on this beach!
2013-05-23 scrane English Saip004 3/5 Didn't break a sweat
2014-07-05 thomaso827 English Saip004 4/5 Pushed Hard at Blue Beach
2015-01-24 t1M0t8yk English Saip004 3/5 Japanese victory slips away in a nailbiter
2015-01-26 richvalle English Saip004 5/5 The Marines took the hill though it was a near thing
2016-02-07 Dan_Huffman English Saip004 3/5 Japanese Stay on the Hill
2012-12-02 JayTownsend English Saip005 4/5 Saipan, scenario five: Punishment on Yellow Beach
2013-01-27 PatC English Saip005 3/5 Punishment on Yellow Beach or Taking the Medicine
2013-02-19 enrique Español Saip005 5/5 Combate por la "Playa Amarilla"
2013-05-24 scrane English Saip005 4/5 Heartbreaker
2013-06-01 Matt W English Saip005 3/5 Bipolar
2013-06-01 Hugmenot English Saip005 3/5 Patience, Grasshopper!
2014-05-02 campsawyer English Saip005 3/5 Punishment for the Japanese
2014-10-24 thomaso827 English Saip005 4/5 50th Game Report
2015-02-23 patman English Saip005 3/5 Festung Yellow Beach
2012-12-23 JayTownsend English Saip006 4/5 Saipan, scenario #6: Agingan Point Stinger
2013-02-28 enrique Español Saip006 4/5 La mejor defensa es el ataque
2014-11-26 thomaso827 English Saip006 4/5 To the last soldier
2012-12-02 JayTownsend English Saip007 5/5 Saipan, scenario seven: Throw Them into the Sea!
2013-07-17 leonard English Saip007 4/5 Confusion on the beach !to the
2013-07-22 enrique Español Saip007 5/5 Por qué me gustan los escenarios de Jay Townsend
2016-07-29 thomaso827 English Saip007 4/5 Attack's Back Broken in the Dark
2012-12-25 JayTownsend English Saip008 4/5 Saipan, scenario 8: Mopping Up Afetna Point
2013-01-07 PatC English Saip008 3/5 Mopping up Afetna Point.....Somewhat tougher than the kitchen floor
2013-05-02 Hugmenot English Saip008 2/5 Mopping Up Indeed
2013-06-08 Matt W English Saip008 2/5 All Fall Down
2013-06-09 Hugmenot English Saip008 2/5 You Can Run But You Can't Hide
2014-12-03 thomaso827 English Saip008 4/5 Chasing Rabbits
2012-12-02 JayTownsend English Saip009 4/5 Saipan, scenario nine: Dying on O-1 Ridge
2013-01-04 PatC English Saip009 4/5 Dying on 0-1 Ridge or There is no replacement for firepower.
2014-02-09 enrique Español Saip009 3/5 Saipan - Escenario 9
2015-07-08 thomaso827 English Saip009 4/5 Cleaning Up the Entrenchments
2015-10-01 J6A English Saip009 3/5 Good for solo, kind of dull otherwise
2012-12-02 JayTownsend English Saip010 5/5 Saipan 1944, scenario 10: Tanks In the Jungle
2013-06-29 JayTownsend English Saip010 5/5 Saipan: scenario #10: Tanks in the Jungle (the second time)!
2013-11-05 richvalle English Saip010 5/5 Marines try to hold the line
2014-10-06 enrique Español Saip010 5/5 Tanques en la jungla o PG en todo su esplendor
2012-12-19 JayTownsend English Saip011 4/5 Saipan, scenario 11: Foothills of Mount Tipo Pale
2012-12-24 PatC English Saip011 3/5 Foothills of Timpo Pale...or not a Boy Scout hike!
2014-12-12 thomaso827 English Saip011 4/5 To the last bullet
2012-12-12 JayTownsend English Saip012 4/5 Saipan, scenario twelve: Aslito Airfield: The Army Arrives
2013-06-29 Matt W English Saip012 3/5 Mixer
2013-06-30 Hugmenot English Saip012 4/5 King of the Hills
2014-12-05 thomaso827 English Saip012 4/5 The Hills Are Alive...
2012-12-18 JayTownsend English Saip013 4/5 pan, scenario #13: The Marines Try Aslito Airfield
2015-01-09 thomaso827 English Saip013 4/5 Blood on the Hillside
2016-02-11 Dan_Huffman English Saip013 4/5 Japanese Army Gradual Withdrawal To Win
2016-02-11 Warhawk1955 English Saip013 4/5 The Japanese are Tough in the Jungle
2012-12-02 JayTownsend English Saip014 5/5 Saipan, scenario fourteen: Third Time’s A Charm?
2015-02-13 thomaso827 English Saip014 5/5 Down to the Wire
2012-12-02 JayTownsend English Saip015 4/5 Disclosure, I am the Designer and feel all my scenarios fall into the range of 4-5, 90-100% or I wouldn’t have created them, so take my ratings with a grain of salt! The only reason any are a 4, is because they are more difficult to make from design to development.
2014-08-02 thomaso827 English Saip015 4/5 Bloody, bloody beaches
2015-09-24 enrique Español Saip015 2/5 ¿Puede PG simular una batalla naval?
2012-12-01 campsawyer English Saip016 4/5 Bloodied but victorious
2012-12-02 JayTownsend English Saip016 4/5 Saipan, scenario sixteen: Slopes of Fina Susu
2014-08-15 thomaso827 English Saip016 5/5 Cave to Nowhere
2016-02-21 Dan_Huffman English Saip016 4/5 Caves are tough to dig out the IJA
2016-02-22 Warhawk1955 English Saip016 4/5 Tough Japanse but bad initial placement
2012-12-02 JayTownsend English Saip017 4/5 Saipan, scenario seventeen: On to Magicienne Bay
2013-02-11 PatC English Saip017 2/5 Magicienne Bay or the Japanese are cut up and sliced thin
2015-02-11 thomaso827 English Saip017 4/5 Unsupported Armor Dies Again
2015-08-13 waynebaumber English Saip017 2/5 My first Saipan battle is NOT a raging sucess
2016-02-21 Dan_Huffman English Saip017 3/5 Should the Japanese play for a draw?
2016-02-23 Warhawk1955 English Saip017 3/5 Marines are over powered
2012-12-16 JayTownsend English Saip018 4/5 Saipan, scenario eighteen: The Fighting Sixty Ninth
2013-02-17 Matt W English Saip018 4/5 Student Body Right
2013-10-14 Blackcloud6 English Saip018 4/5 To the Last Gun
2014-04-13 PatC English Saip018 4/5 Fighting 69th or Kinda like charging the sunken road again
2015-12-04 thomaso827 English Saip018 5/5 Got 'Em
2012-12-02 JayTownsend English Saip019 4/5 Saipan, scenario nineteen: Exploring Hill 790
2013-01-05 PatC English Saip019 3/5 Scenario 19 Exploring Hill 790
2015-02-16 thomaso827 English Saip019 5/5 Tropics game on a snowy day
2012-12-03 JayTownsend English Saip020 4/5 Saipan, scenario twenty: Rockets & Smoke
2014-11-14 thomaso827 English Saip020 4/5 Rockets Red Glare
2012-12-02 JayTownsend English Saip021 5/5 Saipan, scenario twenty one: Coordination
2014-05-17 PatC English Saip021 3/5 Coordination or How to loose steps in an orderly manner 101.
2012-12-29 JayTownsend English Saip022 4/5 Saipan, scenario 22: Deadly Crossfire
2013-11-24 Hugmenot English Saip022 3/5 Race Against Time
2016-02-13 Dan_Huffman English Saip022 5/5 Marines need to get to Entrenchments ASAP
2016-02-15 thomaso827 English Saip022 5/5 Contested to the Bitter End
2013-01-01 JayTownsend English Saip023 4/5 Saipan, scenario 23: Barring the Way
2014-10-27 thomaso827 English Saip023 4/5 Bar None
2015-10-02 J6A English Saip023 3/5 What did those poor Marines do to deserve this?
2013-01-06 JayTownsend English Saip024 5/5 Saipan, scenario 24: Hell’s Pocket
2015-10-16 thomaso827 English Saip024 5/5 Thanks Loads, Fellas
2013-01-07 JayTownsend English Saip025 5/5 Saipan, scenario #25: Armor After Dark
2014-07-11 thomaso827 English Saip025 4/5 Bungle in the Jungle
2012-12-25 JayTownsend English Saip026 4/5 Saipan, scenario 26: Overlooking Radio Road
2014-06-27 thomaso827 English Saip026 4/5 Tanks? I didn't see no stinking tanks!
2013-01-12 JayTownsend English Saip027 4/5 Saipan, scenario #27: Mount Tapotchau
2013-01-13 JayTownsend English Saip028 4/5 Saipan, scenario #28: Death Valley
2013-01-14 JayTownsend English Saip029 4/5 Saipan, scenario #29: Breakout: Seven Lives for One’s Country
2013-01-28 PatC English Saip029 4/5 Seven lives for one's country or Stay at home on the misdirection play!
2013-01-15 JayTownsend English Saip030 3/5 Saipan, scenario #30: Pushing Forward
2015-10-05 thomaso827 English Saip030 4/5 Toothless Tigers
2012-12-02 JayTownsend English Saip031 4/5 Saipan, scenario thirty one: The Unusual Situation
2015-03-13 thomaso827 English Saip031 5/5 And now for something completely different.
2013-01-17 JayTownsend English Saip032 4/5 Saipan, scenario #32: Proximity Fuzes
2015-02-20 thomaso827 English Saip032 4/5 Smoke 'em if ya got 'em
2013-01-19 JayTownsend English Saip033 4/5 Saipan, scenario #33: Purple Heart Ridge
2015-03-02 thomaso827 English Saip033 4/5 Zippo To The Rescue
2012-12-24 PatC English Saip034 3/5 The fate of Co. B.....It was a special event!
2013-01-19 JayTownsend English Saip034 5/5 Saipan, scenario #34: The Fate of Company B
2014-09-25 thomaso827 English Saip034 4/5 Wandering the Beach May Be Hazardous to Your Health
2015-02-21 t1M0t8yk English Saip034 3/5 Christmas Eve on Saipan
2013-01-21 JayTownsend English Saip035 5/5 Saipan, scenario #36: Garapon: City Fighting
2012-12-03 JayTownsend English Saip036 5/5 Saipan, scenario thirty six: Shifting the Lines
2014-09-24 thomaso827 English Saip036 4/5 Tanks dont make very good bunkers
2013-01-22 JayTownsend English Saip037 4/5 Saipan, scenario #37: Mutcho Point
2014-02-23 Matt W English Saip037 4/5 Hide and Seek
2014-09-23 thomaso827 English Saip037 4/5 If At First You Don't Succeed, Shoot, Shoot Some More
2013-01-22 JayTownsend English Saip038 4/5 Saipan, scenario #38: Paradise Valley
2015-10-18 thomaso827 English Saip038 4/5 The Hills Are Alive
2012-12-15 JayTownsend English Saip039 5/5 Saipan, scenario thirty nine: Desperation
2013-01-23 JayTownsend English Saip040 4/5 Saipan, scenario #40: Prudential Hill
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