Panzer Grenadier Battles on February 23rd:

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Go for Broke (44 AARs)
2011-11-21 Matt W English GofB001 4/5 Small, nasty, close quarters
2012-12-15 Hugmenot English GofB001 3/5 A Short, Sharp Town Assault
2013-11-26 scrane English GofB001 4/5 Textbook night assault
2011-11-22 Matt W English GofB002 3/5 ...and if you don't have skill, luck will do.
2012-10-31 Michael Murphy English GofB002 3/5 A Routine Day's Work for the 100th
2018-01-05 Retiredgrunt17 English GofB002 5/5 Bridges? We Don’t Nees Steenking Bridges!
2011-11-24 Matt W English GofB003 3/5 Dissolve
2011-11-26 Matt W English GofB004 4/5 Well it is the title of the game...
2012-08-02 waynebaumber English GofB004 3/5 Germans win battle but lose game
2011-05-04 joe_oppenheimer English GofB005 4/5 Surprisingly interesting small scenario
2011-11-30 Matt W English GofB005 4/5 "Come back here, I'll bite yer kneecap off"
2011-12-18 Matt W English GofB006 2/5 Grody to the max
2011-08-02 filbox English GofB007 4/5 Dejà Vu All Over Again
2011-12-29 Matt W English GofB007 4/5 Oops...
2011-10-14 driddle01 English GofB008 4/5 Hill 610
2011-12-31 Matt W English GofB008 3/5 Fast, Furious, (sorta) Inconclusive
2012-02-12 Matt W English GofB009 3/5 Lather, Rinse, Repeat
2012-02-19 Matt W English GofB010 2/5 Just Too Much
2012-02-20 Matt W English GofB011 4/5 So Close, and yet...
2012-02-25 Matt W English GofB012 3/5 Herding the Luftwaffe
2012-03-02 Matt W English GofB013 4/5 Swept
2012-03-03 Matt W English GofB014 4/5 There's no time for that...
2012-03-12 Matt W English GofB015 4/5 The Wall
2011-05-20 rerathbun English GofB016 2/5 Easy Trial at Buemont
2012-03-18 Matt W English GofB016 4/5 Immovable Object
2011-05-14 joe_oppenheimer English GofB017 2/5 Good Introduction or Quick Fight
2012-03-18 Matt W English GofB017 2/5 Today Murphy was German
2016-01-21 KirkH English GofB017 5/5 Even The Best US Wizards Couldn't Crack Merlin's Castle
2012-03-27 Matt W English GofB018 4/5 Excessive Losses
2011-04-24 JayTownsend English GofB019 4/5 Go For Broke, scenario #19: Bruyeres is a Cheese, Right?
2012-04-07 Matt W English GofB019 4/5 Apparently Swiss Flambe
2012-04-09 Matt W English GofB020 3/5 What? Another Victory?
2012-04-30 Blackcloud6 English GofB020 4/5 Over the Embankment to Victory
2012-04-12 Matt W English GofB021 4/5 Better morale v. Better artillery
2012-04-15 Matt W English GofB022 4/5 Hide and Seek
2012-04-25 Matt W English GofB023 5/5 Choices
2012-04-30 Matt W English GofB024 3/5 Vaporize
2012-05-10 Matt W English GofB025 4/5 Vise
2012-06-07 Matt W English GofB026 3/5 Hammer
2012-06-09 Matt W English GofB027 4/5 A Hex Too Far
2012-06-10 Matt W English GofB028 2/5 King of the Hill
2012-06-17 Matt W English GofB029 4/5 Let's Do Lunch...
2011-04-21 JayTownsend English GofB030 4/5 Go For Broke, scenario #30: Die Hard Bersaglieri
2012-06-17 Matt W English GofB030 3/5 Die Hard is a Movie
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