Panzer Grenadier Battles on April 30th:
White Eagles #21 - Poland Has Not Yet Perished

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Can you believe we have been online for 6 years 10 months and 24 days!?

The best way to support Panzer Grenadier Headquarters is to join us and participate as often as possible, be that via recording plays and AARs, chatting in the forum, or even submitting Library error notifications. You are what makes PG-HQ possible, and you are what makes it awesome!

Here are some quick stats about what we've accomplished since the dark days before PG-HQ existed:


Members 807
Recorded Plays 7,396
Recorded AARs 3,656
AAR Word Count 1,638,839
Forum Posts 14,994

Library Data

Games 98
Maps 100
Scenarios 2,478
Units 1,582
Errata 511

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Panzer Grenadier Headquarters has always been free and will always be free - no fee to participate and no ads. That being said, over the years our members have asked about ways to help support our website hosting costs.

To facilitate this generosity, PG-HQ now has a Patreon page. Patreon is a crowd-funding platform that is geared towards projects with recurring needs (like webhosting!), unlike Kickstarter which is for one-off funding campaigns.

All donations go towards website hosting fees. You can set up an automatic monthly donation, or make a one-off contribution by donating that amount for the first month and then canceling your support. Additionally, there are two modest thank-you gifts for contributors to receive!

Our Patreon page shows up-to-the-minute contribution statistics. The below table is updated on the 5th of each month after Patreon collects the previous month's pledges.

Current Financials

Monthly Hosting Rate $15.95 @ HostGator
Annual Domain Name Rate $12.17 @ Cheap-Registrar
2017 March Contributions $34
Lifetime Contribution Total $468
Lifetime Hosting Support 27.6 months
Lifetime Patron Total 13 supporters

If you have any questions or comments about our Patreon feel free to email me or post a new thread in our forum!

~ Shad, PG-HQ Admin