Panzer Grenadier Battles on February 23rd:

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Panzer Lehr (42 AARs)
2012-10-03 PatC English PaLe001 4/5 Curtain up at Ellon or Exit stage right..... with a detonation!
2012-11-06 scrane English PaLe001 4/5 Teachers get detention
2013-02-02 Matt W English PaLe001 4/5 Fade to Black
2012-11-15 scrane English PaLe002 3/5 Panzer Lehr Stands Confused
2013-02-10 Matt W English PaLe002 4/5 Not Quite
2012-10-13 Matt W English PaLe003 4/5 Quacked Up
2012-10-26 PatC English PaLe003 4/5 Gudarian's Ducks or No wise Quacks please!
2013-02-25 scrane English PaLe003 3/5 By the light of burning Cromwells
2017-01-30 splat99 English PaLe003 3/5 Tenacious D
2012-10-12 Matt W English PaLe004 3/5 PIATs in the woods
2013-06-08 Matt W English PaLe004 3/5 Royalty Ascendant
2013-10-28 scrane English PaLe004 4/5 Try combined arms next time
2013-06-15 Matt W English PaLe005 3/5 Playground Bully
2013-06-15 Hugmenot English PaLe005 3/5 Too Many Town Hexes, Not Enough Units
2014-01-02 scrane English PaLe005 3/5 Smashing British Victory
2012-09-03 JayTownsend English PaLe006 2/5 Panzer Lehr, scenario #6: Through the Woods
2013-06-30 Hugmenot English PaLe006 3/5 Hidden Units Should Be Well Hidden
2012-10-19 Matt W English PaLe007 4/5 Walked into it
2013-07-06 Matt W English PaLe007 4/5 Tea Time
2013-07-06 Hugmenot English PaLe007 4/5 Token Resistance
2014-02-02 Dean_P English PaLe007 3/5 The importance of Hidden Units
2013-01-17 waynebaumber English PaLe009 5/5 British hammer fails to nail home initial advantage
2013-03-20 JayTownsend English PaLe009 4/5 Panzer Lehr, scenario #9: Trash the Town to Take it
2013-07-20 Matt W English PaLe009 4/5 Truly Trashed
2013-07-20 Hugmenot English PaLe009 4/5 Planning Ahead Paid Off
2012-10-11 Matt W English PaLe010 4/5 Butress
2013-07-20 Hugmenot English PaLe010 3/5 No Reserve for You!
2012-11-26 PatC English PaLe011 4/5 Pz Lehr 11 Misinterperted intentions
2013-07-27 Matt W English PaLe011 4/5 Satisfyingly Slaughtered
2013-10-19 Matt W English PaLe012 2/5 Sand Castle
2013-10-19 Hugmenot English PaLe012 2/5 Luftwaffe is Synonym for Sieve?
2013-03-05 rerathbun English PaLe014 4/5 Combat Command B Strikes
2012-09-11 Matt W English PaLe015 4/5 Things That Go Bump in the Night
2014-06-09 Matt W English PaLe016 3/5 Blown Away
2012-09-11 Matt W English PaLe018 4/5 Count to 8
2013-07-24 leonard English PaLe018 4/5 Normandy cows
2018-02-20 Retiredgrunt17 English PaLe018 5/5 Blown Through
2012-11-24 Dean_P English PaLe019 4/5 Prelude to Disaster
2014-07-04 Matt W English PaLe020 2/5 But it makes waste...
2013-09-11 patman English PaLe022 4/5 Infantry First, or, "Get those damn tanks out from behind those damn bushes!"
2012-09-12 Matt W English PaLe024 2/5 Not even worth a wad of gum
2012-10-10 Matt W English PaLe027 3/5 Misguided
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