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Pusan Perimeter (62 AARs)
2014-11-10 scrane English KWPP001 3/5 Down to the wire
2014-11-15 thomaso827 English KWPP001 4/5 South Korean Bastogne
2014-11-19 Hugmenot English KWPP001 4/5 A Strong Start
2015-05-29 J6A English KWPP001 4/5 Oops, forgot to watch the clock
2017-01-27 WightMutt English KWPP001 4/5 First Play
2014-11-09 JayTownsend English KWPP002 4/5 Korean War: Pusan Perimeter, scenario #2: General Attack
2014-11-17 scrane English KWPP002 5/5 Textbook breakthrough and armored exploitation
2014-11-19 Hugmenot English KWPP002 3/5 Cake-Walk
2015-01-03 thomaso827 English KWPP003 4/5 Town Defense Waiting for Action
2017-03-12 scrane English KWPP003 4/5 Nailbiter
2015-04-24 thomaso827 English KWPP004 5/5 Love Lies Bleeding In My Hands
2016-03-19 JayTownsend English KWPP006 4/5 Korean War: Pusan Perimeter, scenario #6: Chaos at Uijongbu
2014-11-11 thomaso827 English KWPP007 4/5 Missed Him by That Much!
2016-02-25 Dan_Huffman English KWPP007 3/5 Play Hid n Seek or is it checkers?
2014-11-09 JayTownsend English KWPP008 4/5 Korean War: Pusan Perimeter, scenario #8: Back Again!
2014-11-11 thomaso827 English KWPP008 4/5 Nothing But The Dead and Dying In Our Little Town
2016-03-03 Dan_Huffman English KWPP008 3/5 Channel the Tanks to the Chokepoints
2016-03-03 Warhawk1955 English KWPP008 4/5 The Tanks don't go rolling along
2015-08-29 thomaso827 English KWPP009 4/5 Dead Skunk in the Middle of the Road
2014-11-11 thomaso827 English KWPP010 4/5 To the Bitter End
2018-02-04 leonard English KWPP010 3/5 Secret gardens memories
2016-11-05 thomaso827 English KWPP011 4/5 Deep Kimchee
2017-05-29 JayTownsend English KWPP012 4/5 Korean War: Pusan Perimeter, scenario #12: The Outskirts of Seoul
2014-11-13 thomaso827 English KWPP013 4/5 Who Knew John Wayne Was Korean?
2016-11-13 thomaso827 English KWPP014 4/5 Dead Piled High
2016-11-19 thomaso827 English KWPP015 5/5 Won by a Hair
2014-11-09 JayTownsend English KWPP016 5/5 Korean War: Pusan Perimeter, scenario #16: Task Force Smith
2014-12-09 Blackcloud6 English KWPP016 5/5 Tough Task Force Smith
2015-08-06 petermc English KWPP016 4/5 Two scenarios in one, how and when to abandon the town (US) or envelop it (NK) is the key.
2016-03-05 Dan_Huffman English KWPP016 4/5 Dig the US out of the Town
2016-11-20 thomaso827 English KWPP017 5/5 Big Bug Out
2014-11-28 JayTownsend English KWPP018 4/5 Korean War: Pusan Perimeter, scenario #18: The Battle For Ch’onan
2015-02-15 thomaso827 English KWPP018 4/5 100th Game
2015-02-19 leonard English KWPP020 4/5 ça passe ou ça casse
2014-11-09 JayTownsend English KWPP021 4/5 Korean War: Pusan Perimeter, scenario #21: Counter Attack at Chonui
2015-03-15 Matt W English KWPP022 2/5 Stockyard
2015-03-16 Hugmenot English KWPP022 2/5 Doomed from the Start
2014-11-09 JayTownsend English KWPP023 4/5 Korean War: Pusan Perimeter, scenario #23: Nightmare on the Kum River
2015-01-01 thomaso827 English KWPP024 4/5 Managed 1 Hill Anyway
2015-12-21 JayTownsend English KWPP026 4/5 Pusan Perimeter, scenario #26: The Great Road Block
2015-02-01 thomaso827 English KWPP027 4/5 I dont want to see nuthing but dead bodies!
2016-03-24 JayTownsend English KWPP028 4/5 Korean War: Pusan Perimeter, scenario #28: Day Two Taejon Flanked!
2015-02-01 thomaso827 English KWPP029 4/5 Not a Good Day to be a Bazooka Team
2015-12-27 JayTownsend English KWPP029 4/5 Pusan Perimeter, scenario #29: Taejon Street Battle
2016-01-24 thomaso827 English KWPP031 4/5 Deadicated NKPA Leadership
2015-03-01 thomaso827 English KWPP032 5/5 Foot Race to Oblivion
2015-03-01 thomaso827 English KWPP033 4/5 All Is Klar, Herr Kimmissar?
2015-05-24 thomaso827 English KWPP034 4/5 Missed By That Much!
2015-12-31 JayTownsend English KWPP035 4/5 Pusan Perimeter, scenario #35: Roadblock Yongdong
2015-06-27 thomaso827 English KWPP036 5/5 Kill them all, let God sort them out.
2016-05-18 JayTownsend English KWPP037 4/5 Korean War: Pusan Perimeter, scenario #37: Escape to Yongdong
2015-11-27 thomaso827 English KWPP038 4/5 Failed Ambush
2015-04-18 JayTownsend English KWPP040 4/5 Korean War: Pusan Perimeter, scenario #40: The Small Engagement.
2015-04-17 thomaso827 English KWPP041 4/5 I Dont Know Why I Go to Extremes
2015-07-02 JayTownsend English KWPP042 4/5 Pusan Perimeter: Scenario #42: Fall of Chinju
2015-01-25 thomaso827 English KWPP043 4/5 Good Kommissar
2015-12-27 JayTownsend English KWPP043 4/5 Pusan Perimeter, scenario #43: The Andong Battles
2015-12-25 JayTownsend English KWPP044 4/5 Pusan Perimeter, scenario #44: Battle at the Notch
2015-12-26 JayTownsend English KWPP045 4/5 Pusan Perimeter, scenario #45: South Flank
2015-12-26 JayTownsend English KWPP046 4/5 Pusan Perimeter, scenario #46: The Return Trip
2015-01-24 thomaso827 English KWPP047 4/5 Dead Reds
2015-02-14 thomaso827 English KWPP048 4/5 Expert Engineer Badges
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