Panzer Grenadier Battles on February 17th:
An Army at Dawn #28 - Combat Command B Holds Steady Road to Berlin #36 - South Wind
An Army at Dawn #29 - Ferianna Outpost South Africa's War #2 - Down in Jubaland
Cassino '44 #12 - Operation Avenger

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Desert Rats (94 AARs)
2010-06-11 petermc English DeRa001 4/5 Italian Win!
2010-06-11 enrique English DeRa001 3/5 Conquista del Somaliland
2010-06-13 waynebaumber English DeRa001 3/5 Conquista del Somaliland
2010-07-20 GeneSteeler English DeRa001 3/5 Best 2 out of 3?
2010-07-27 stugibsonca English DeRa001 3/5 Tough battle for the Italians
2011-09-12 Ifig English DeRa001 4/5 Suspens
2011-11-02 KirkH English DeRa001 4/5 Battles in The Hills
2010-07-20 GeneSteeler English DeRa002 2/5 Can the Italians rout the British from their high and mighty throne?
2011-01-23 PatC English DeRa002 3/5 Desert Rats Scenario 2 Grande Vittoria Italiano or The Wild Colonial Boy
2011-08-31 caryn English DeRa003 3/5 First Fight
2014-10-31 thomaso827 English DeRa003 4/5 Bloody Forts
2011-09-02 caryn English DeRa004 3/5 Weresheep of the Desert
2012-01-15 dengelwood English DeRa004 4/5 Desert Rats, Scenario 4, A Hundred Years of Sheep
2012-03-11 enrique Español DeRa004 3/5 Imparables "Matilda"
2013-10-26 armyduck95 English DeRa004 3/5 Italian Infantry collapses, guns hold, and tanks skidaddle
2010-05-30 JayTownsend English DeRa005 3/5 Desert Rats, Scenario #5, Libyan Defiance
2011-11-02 KirkH English DeRa005 4/5 It Coulda Gone Either Way
2013-01-02 enrique Español DeRa005 3/5 Por donde pasa un "Matilda" no vuelve a crecer la hierba
2012-06-26 waynebaumber English DeRa006 4/5 Night in the Horn of Africa
2012-06-26 vince hughes English DeRa006 3/5 Playing Error Turned a Fair Chance of Victory Down To Slim !
2013-01-03 enrique Español DeRa006 3/5 Persecución nocturna en Eritrea
2011-09-02 caryn English DeRa007 4/5 Breakdown in Eritrea
2013-10-14 enrique Español DeRa008 3/5 Cargas de caballería en Keren
2013-07-13 Brett Nicholson English DeRa009 4/5 Holding the Square
2010-05-30 JayTownsend English DeRa010 4/5 Desert Rats, Scenario #10, Bir el Gubi
2011-07-16 JayTownsend English DeRa010 4/5 Desert Rats, scenario #10: Bir el Gubi
2013-07-16 Brett Nicholson English DeRa012 2/5 Sidi Impossible
2011-11-02 KirkH English DeRa013 1/5 Rommel Rolls
2011-11-24 splat99 English DeRa013 2/5 ROLLOVER
2012-10-18 Matt W English DeRa013 2/5 Charge!
2014-01-10 Poor Yorek English DeRa013 3/5 Fast and Furious
2013-07-18 Brett Nicholson English DeRa015 4/5 Sidi Revenge
2013-10-22 enrique Español DeRa015 3/5 La infantería italoalemana derrota a los "Crusader"
2013-10-27 Brett Nicholson English DeRa016 3/5 A deadly game of chase
2010-12-04 Greg SW English DeRa017 2/5 An easy win
2010-06-06 vince hughes English DeRa018 4/5 A Pirbrochs Skirl
2010-06-19 waynebaumber English DeRa018 4/5 Scotland the Brave
2013-07-25 Brett Nicholson English DeRa018 5/5 A Black Day for the Black Watch -"hardest struggle since Loos,1914" indeed.
2013-10-29 Brett Nicholson English DeRa019 4/5 To the last burning Crusader
2013-10-31 Brett Nicholson English DeRa020 3/5 No accolades from India on this attempt
2013-07-28 Brett Nicholson English DeRa021 4/5 Stalemate denied and not much quarter given
2013-08-01 Brett Nicholson English DeRa022 3/5 A Disasterous Debut for the Kiwis
2014-01-12 Poor Yorek English DeRa022 3/5 We're Invincible! The Black Knight Always Triumphs!
2011-11-02 KirkH English DeRa023 1/5 The Kiwi's Roll - Sort Of
2011-01-21 vince hughes English DeRa024 3/5 Fancy A Desert Battle - Play This One
2012-03-31 udet1917 English DeRa024 4/5 Good Scenario
2013-08-22 Brett Nicholson English DeRa025 4/5 Kampfgruppe Ravenstein goes down swinging; a very intense nightime trench battle.
2013-08-26 Brett Nicholson English DeRa026 3/5 No relief for Tobruk again; axis blockade holds through morning
2013-08-28 Brett Nicholson English DeRa027 4/5 A heroic stand but the lot settles for surrender
2011-06-13 Daedalus English DeRa028 3/5 Jock Column
2013-08-31 Brett Nicholson English DeRa029 5/5 An epic tank battle; Repair Depot forces made the difference.
2014-04-07 waynebaumber English DeRa029 5/5 What more could one ask for
2014-04-07 Brett Nicholson English DeRa029 5/5 Even better second time around
2017-10-15 Retiredgrunt17 English DeRa030 4/5 Warriors Devoured
2010-10-19 errebi15 English DeRa031 4/5 Portee naval guns obliterate British tanks!
2011-09-03 caryn English DeRa031 4/5 Close Quarters At Bir el Gubi
2011-11-02 KirkH English DeRa031 3/5 The Allies Almost Come Back
2011-09-11 caryn English DeRa032 4/5 Tea With The GGFF
2013-09-04 Brett Nicholson English DeRa032 4/5 GGFF decimated at Bir el Gubi
2011-09-11 caryn English DeRa033 4/5 To The Bayonets Go The Spoils
2017-10-04 Retiredgrunt17 English DeRa034 5/5 German relief-British/Indian panic
2017-10-06 Retiredgrunt17 English DeRa034 5/5 German Relief-Revisited
2014-12-01 dricher English DeRa035 3/5 Thin armor will get you killed
2012-07-15 Diocletian English DeRa036 5/5 Failed Charge Over the Ridge
2013-09-09 Brett Nicholson English DeRa036 3/5 Kiwis collapse on verge of victory
2011-01-23 ricer English DeRa037 3/5 Sometimes it's better to wait, sir.
2012-08-12 campsawyer English DeRa038 3/5 The lowly 81mm mortar makes the difference
2012-08-15 waynebaumber English DeRa038 2/5 Tough time in the desert.
2012-08-19 Hugmenot English DeRa038 2/5 A very soft box
2012-08-19 Poor Yorek English DeRa038 3/5 CW lead by Mat Cauthon
2012-08-19 Matt W English DeRa038 3/5 Location, Location, Location
2012-09-21 vince hughes English DeRa038 3/5 A Contest Right To The End
2012-09-21 tlangston28 English DeRa038 3/5 Alem Hamza: The Italian Hedgehog
2013-09-17 Brett Nicholson English DeRa038 4/5 Trieste Division's rearguard holds the line at bayonet's distance
2013-10-22 Brett Nicholson English DeRa039 3/5 Even the 2-pounders get lucky sometimes
2014-11-29 dricher English DeRa039 3/5 When German tankers lose their nerve
2011-05-20 JayTownsend English DeRa041 3/5 Desert Rats, scenario #41: Rugbet el Hagina
2013-10-19 vince hughes English DeRa041 2/5 Devastation !
2013-10-19 Brett Nicholson English DeRa041 3/5 Operation Woodchipper
2014-03-29 dricher English DeRa041 3/5 Leave the Italians in the box
2013-10-25 Brett Nicholson English DeRa042 3/5 3rd Motor Brigade endures a vicious "Ariete" assault
2010-05-30 JayTownsend English DeRa043 3/5 Desert Rats, scenario #43, Grant's Tomb
2013-11-04 Brett Nicholson English DeRa043 3/5 Strength in numbers not enough
2014-05-17 dricher English DeRa043 3/5 Grant was definitely buried here...
2010-06-06 vince hughes English DeRa044 3/5 Road Of slaves
2010-06-23 waynebaumber English DeRa044 3/5 Charge of the Light Brigade
2013-11-12 Brett Nicholson English DeRa045 3/5 Out of the cauldron and into the fire
2014-08-10 dricher English DeRa045 3/5 Too many Brits!
2011-07-17 JayTownsend English DeRa046 2/5 Desert Rats, scenario #46: Ariete Attacked
2011-03-03 Shad English DeRa047 4/5 "One giant armored nose-to-nose badass freaking fistfight!"
2012-03-07 Poor Yorek English DeRa048 1/5 Broken as written, but ...
2013-11-19 Brett Nicholson English DeRa048 2/5 Too much desert for Ariete to prevent a British exit
2012-06-30 Blackcloud6 English DeRa049 3/5 Forlorn Hope
2017-10-12 Retiredgrunt17 English DeRa050 5/5 More Bodies Than Bullets
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