Panzer Grenadier Battles on February 23rd:

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First Axis (65 AARs)
2010-07-18 enrique English FiAx001 3/5 A small but bloody battle
2010-08-08 PG-Tank Dude English FiAx001 2/5 Confused Arms or Hillbilly Slap Therapy.
2011-03-01 ChrisPayne English FiAx001 3/5 Keep out of our turf!
2011-11-02 KirkH English FiAx001 5/5 Down To The Last Roll
2015-10-08 J6A English FiAx001 4/5 Not enough will to succeed
2017-03-20 thomaso827 English FiAx001 5/5 Last Minute Victory
2010-09-06 PG-Tank Dude English FiAx002 3/5 Clash by Night (Come in and get me!)
2010-12-03 scrane English FiAx002 3/5 Wiped out by dawn
2010-12-17 Matt W English FiAx002 2/5 Hit and (they) run
2011-03-12 ChrisPayne English FiAx002 3/5 Keep off our turf Part 2
2015-11-01 J6A English FiAx002 4/5 Too many Hungarians
2017-03-24 thomaso827 English FiAx002 4/5 Death in the Dark
2010-08-06 Zouave English FiAx003 2/5 Taking Their Time
2010-10-31 Matt W English FiAx003 4/5 So, what do YOU want to do while we wait for them to recover their morale
2011-10-26 scrane English FiAx003 4/5 Hungarian Steamroller
2011-11-02 KirkH English FiAx003 2/5 Hungarians Make Goulash Of The Slovaks
2012-12-19 vince hughes English FiAx003 4/5 Its All About The Bridge
2012-12-19 Hugmenot English FiAx003 4/5 Close but no Bridge
2015-11-14 J6A English FiAx003 5/5 Down to the wire
2011-04-26 Matt W English FiAx004 3/5 Read Your Chandler
2012-12-06 enrique Español FiAx004 4/5 La compañía ciclista pudo desnivelar el combate.
2015-12-24 J6A English FiAx004 3/5 So much for the mobile assault
2010-12-16 Matt W English FiAx005 4/5 Our tanks are much better than theirs the only chance they have is to get us to run away...
2011-05-24 filbox English FiAx005 4/5 On a darkling Plain
2011-10-24 JayTownsend English FiAx005 4/5 First Axis, scenario #5: On a Darkling Plain
2012-12-25 Hugmenot English FiAx005 3/5 Not Enough Good Order Leaders
2011-05-02 Matt W English FiAx006 4/5 The Indirect Approach
2014-02-10 waynebaumber English FiAx006 4/5 Accurate Slovak artillery plus numbers win the day
2011-05-04 Matt W English FiAx007 2/5 Colonel, they aren't beaten...
2011-05-07 Matt W English FiAx008 2/5 Making them run
2011-05-14 Matt W English FiAx009 4/5 Slow Motion
2011-05-21 Matt W English FiAx010 4/5 Scylla and Charybdis
2011-05-22 Matt W English FiAx011 3/5 Knife Edge
2011-05-28 Matt W English FiAx012 2/5 So, how's that engineering degree working out for you?
2013-07-12 vince hughes English FiAx012 3/5 I Found This Tough As Slovak Commander But What A Dramatic Finale
2013-07-13 campsawyer English FiAx012 3/5 No Christmas presents for the Soviets
2011-06-02 Matt W English FiAx013 4/5 Hit 'em where they ain't
2011-06-07 Matt W English FiAx014 4/5 Brilliant Plan, sir. Who can execute it?
2011-06-12 Matt W English FiAx015 2/5 Foot in the Bucket
2011-06-13 Matt W English FiAx016 3/5 Collapse
2016-01-21 KirkH English FiAx016 3/5 The OBA Wins It For The Soviets
2010-10-29 driddle01 English FiAx017 2/5 Capturing Lojev
2011-06-14 Matt W English FiAx017 3/5 Come into my parlour...
2011-07-17 JayTownsend English FiAx017 2/5 First Axis, scenario # 17: Capturing Lojev
2011-06-17 Matt W English FiAx018 2/5 Duck and Cover
2011-06-18 Matt W English FiAx019 2/5 Time to Switch Sides
2010-05-30 JayTownsend English FiAx020 2/5 First Axis, Scenario #20: End Game in Italy
2010-08-30 campsawyer English FiAx020 3/5 How low can you go...(with morale)
2010-08-30 vince hughes English FiAx020 3/5 Low Moraled Troops Make For Interesting Opponents
2010-10-31 Matt W English FiAx020 3/5 You want REALLY bad morale?
2011-11-02 KirkH English FiAx020 4/5 Italians Hang on - Barely
2013-03-03 Matt W English FiAx020 3/5 Second time is NOT a charm
2010-09-01 campsawyer English FiAx021 2/5 After being a POW, there is not much fight.
2011-06-21 Matt W English FiAx021 4/5 Hit and Run
2010-09-12 campsawyer English FiAx022 4/5 Winning by losing all your troops
2011-07-02 Matt W English FiAx022 4/5 All Together Now
2011-07-03 Matt W English FiAx023 4/5 Subtle
2011-07-04 Matt W English FiAx024 2/5 Duck and Cover
2011-07-07 Matt W English FiAx025 2/5 And Then There Were None
2011-07-18 Matt W English FiAx026 3/5 Stand Up
2011-07-25 Matt W English FiAx027 5/5 Two for the Price of One
2011-07-26 Matt W English FiAx028 2/5 Hopeless, Seriously
2011-08-01 Matt W English FiAx029 4/5 Efficiency and Elan
2011-08-02 Matt W English FiAx030 4/5 Turkey Shoot
2011-11-02 KirkH English FiAx030 2/5 In This Movie The Bad Guys Win
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