Panzer Grenadier Battles on February 23rd:

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Iron Curtain (37 AARs)
2014-01-14 TheDoctor English IrCu001 3/5 A Quick Flash in the Pan
2014-01-18 TheDoctor English IrCu002 2/5 Better Try an Airlift Next Time
2014-01-20 TheDoctor English IrCu003 3/5 Up the Slopes
2014-01-22 TheDoctor English IrCu004 4/5 These Communists are all Cowards
2010-05-30 JayTownsend English IrCu005 5/5 Iron Curtain, scenario #5, North German Plain
2010-12-26 Shad English IrCu005 5/5 Limey can't hack it...
2014-01-23 TheDoctor English IrCu005 4/5 The Soviet Masses Attack!
2014-01-24 TheDoctor English IrCu006 4/5 Breakthrough to Berlin
2011-03-14 filbox English IrCu007 4/5 CRA: The Communist Republic of Austria
2011-10-15 Arensivia English IrCu007 4/5 La marea roja sube
2014-01-25 TheDoctor English IrCu007 3/5 Rolling Past the Von Trapp's
2012-03-14 Shad English IrCu008 3/5 Artillery does not capture towns...
2013-02-07 Matt W English IrCu008 4/5 Timing
2014-01-25 TheDoctor English IrCu008 3/5 Into the Hills
2014-01-28 TheDoctor English IrCu009 4/5 Doctrine Prevails over Training
2012-01-10 PatC English IrCu010 5/5 Crashing Satellite or Only Nadia could score a 10!
2014-01-29 TheDoctor English IrCu010 1/5 Bloodbath
2014-01-31 TheDoctor English IrCu011 3/5 Outflanked!
2010-05-30 JayTownsend English IrCu012 3/5 Iron Curtain, Scenario #12, Third Echelon
2011-11-05 KirkH English IrCu012 2/5 New American Tanks Beat Old American Tanks
2011-11-05 KirkH English IrCu012 2/5 New American Tanks Beat Old American Tanks - Part Deux
2012-01-23 PatC English IrCu012 3/5 Third Echelon or Soviets go all in
2014-02-01 Poor Yorek English IrCu012 4/5 New Soviet Guards Named
2014-02-01 TheDoctor English IrCu012 4/5 New Soviet Guards Named, Part 2
2017-11-27 Retiredgrunt17 English IrCu012 4/5 Commie Cookers
2014-02-02 TheDoctor English IrCu013 3/5 Surrounded!
2014-02-04 TheDoctor English IrCu014 3/5 Assault on the Hilltop
2010-05-30 JayTownsend English IrCu015 3/5 Iron Curtain, Scenario #15, Avtomat Kalashnikov
2010-11-09 PatC English IrCu015 3/5 Iron Curtain Scen. 15 Avotomat Kalashinikov "The Mother of all Assaults"
2014-02-05 TheDoctor English IrCu015 3/5 The New Wonder Weapen
2011-03-25 JayTownsend English IrCu016 5/5 Iron Curtain, scenario #16: Heavy Metal
2014-02-09 TheDoctor English IrCu016 4/5 Take the Bridges!
2014-02-12 TheDoctor English IrCu017 3/5 Time for Soviet Swimming Lessons
2014-02-15 TheDoctor English IrCu018 3/5 Mass Soviet Defense
2014-02-15 TheDoctor English IrCu019 5/5 American Lighting Strike
2012-10-21 Matt W English IrCu020 4/5 Crazy Contested Crossing
2014-02-16 TheDoctor English IrCu020 3/5 The Cold War Begins
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