Panzer Grenadier Battles on February 20th:
An Army at Dawn #32 - Kasserine Pass: Gore Force Nihon Silk #2 - Koepang, Day One
An Army at Dawn #33 - Kasserine Pass: Egged On

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Tank Battles (23 AARs)
2017-12-25 Retiredgrunt17 English TaBa001 5/5 Recond and Found
2017-12-27 Retiredgrunt17 English TaBa002 5/5 The High Ground was Held
2011-01-17 vince hughes English TaBa003 4/5 Same Mistake Being Made Since 1066
2011-01-18 waynebaumber English TaBa003 3/5 Masterly tactics give Soviet's a rare victory
2011-02-25 scrane English TaBa004 2/5 On second thought, fall back
2015-06-02 Coniglius English TaBa007 3/5 Schutzbund Slaughter pt.2
2013-05-01 waynebaumber English TaBa015 4/5 A bloody struggle indeed!
2011-04-02 Matt W English TaBa016 2/5 April Fool?
2011-07-05 JayTownsend English TaBa016 3/5 Tank Battles: 16 - Operation MARS #4: Grediakino I
2011-03-12 Matt W English TaBa019 4/5 Recklessness Required
2011-09-02 campsawyer English TaBa023 3/5 Tackling a monster
2014-05-24 vince hughes English TaBa023 4/5 Why I Will Always Remember The Town Of Nikonovo
2014-05-25 waynebaumber English TaBa023 2/5 Hell's Fury III : A large but flawed scenario
2011-07-05 JayTownsend English TaBa024 3/5 Tank Battles: 24 - Operation MARS #12: Shanaurin's Drive I: Chicherinka
2011-07-05 JayTownsend English TaBa024 3/5 Tank Battles: 24 - Operation MARS #12: Shanaurin's Drive I: Chicherinka
2011-09-03 campsawyer English TaBa024 4/5 And now for something smaller (or why SSR's matter)
2011-09-05 campsawyer English TaBa025 3/5 Over extended German Panzers
2011-09-06 campsawyer English TaBa026 2/5 Winter Beachhead
2011-09-22 campsawyer English TaBa027 3/5 Stalin's Orders
2011-10-07 campsawyer English TaBa028 2/5 Done in 8 turns
2011-10-22 campsawyer English TaBa029 3/5 Snow and Fog
2013-01-01 rerathbun English TaBa035 4/5 Tough to go Forward Without Leaders
2012-04-18 waynebaumber English TaBa036 4/5 Good Solo scenario
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