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Sinister Forces (54 AARs)
2010-05-28 vince hughes English SiFo002 4/5 From My 'Make Believe' Romanian Offical War Reporter Papers
2016-02-01 dricher English SiFo002 3/5 Need more boats!
2016-02-13 dricher English SiFo003 2/5 Slow them with what?
2017-12-20 Retiredgrunt17 English SiFo003 5/5 Through the Breach
2010-12-27 Matt W English SiFo004 4/5 But wait, in '41 the Soviets have bad leaders and morale, right?
2017-02-19 dricher English SiFo004 2/5 Neat scenario, but lopsided victory conditions
2011-01-03 scrane English SiFo005 4/5 NKVD Sacrifice
2011-03-25 scrane English SiFo006 3/5 NKVD Tough Nut to Crack
2011-05-21 waynebaumber English SiFo006 3/5 Close so close
2011-05-21 campsawyer English SiFo006 3/5 Nail biter to the end
2010-05-24 vince hughes English SiFo007 4/5 Neva Rumble : Sinister Forces scenario 7
2010-07-18 waynebaumber English SiFo007 3/5 Neva Rumble
2013-03-04 scrane English SiFo007 2/5 Test of Karl Laskas' "Rock n Roll" PG variant rules
2010-10-31 Matt W English SiFo008 3/5 Remember Rorke's Drift? Yeah, it was like that...
2014-08-24 Matt W English SiFo011 3/5 The Art of Crossing Fingers
2014-08-24 Hugmenot English SiFo011 3/5 A Solid Mix
2010-07-15 waynebaumber English SiFo012 2/5 Red Vegeance indeed!
2011-03-27 JayTownsend English SiFo012 2/5 Sinister Forces, scenario #12: Red Vengeance
2015-01-24 PaperTiger English SiFo012 3/5 The Test
2017-01-21 dricher English SiFo012 2/5 A slow slog and lots of dead partisans
2010-06-14 petermc English SiFo013 5/5 Partisans
2014-08-04 waynebaumber English SiFo014 3/5 A stroll in the woods
2010-12-23 PG-Tank Dude English SiFo015 1/5 Hard Luck Cavalry
2010-12-25 Shad English SiFo015 2/5 160 horses vs. 1200 horsepower
2014-12-30 thomaso827 English SiFo015 4/5 More Dead Cavalry
2017-01-29 dricher English SiFo015 1/5 1840s force attacks 1940s defense
2015-02-21 PaperTiger English SiFo017 4/5 A Study in Wishful Thinking
2017-02-04 dricher English SiFo017 1/5 Too demanding victory conditions
2013-09-23 PaperTiger English SiFo018 4/5 Supermen Make Lousy Speedbumps
2014-05-17 dricher English SiFo018 3/5 Don't mess with the 107th
2011-11-05 KirkH English SiFo019 3/5 The Soviet Purges Hurt Them In This One
2012-07-14 vince hughes English SiFo022 3/5 An Exciting Battle - (But sort out two errata beforehand)
2012-07-14 waynebaumber English SiFo022 2/5 Sloppy Scenario Special Rules mar victory
2017-02-12 dricher English SiFo022 3/5 Great solo scenario
2015-04-21 PaperTiger English SiFo023 4/5 The Big Push that Almost Worked
2013-10-13 Hugmenot English SiFo024 3/5 200 Meters at a Time
2010-07-15 waynebaumber English SiFo029 3/5 Road to Tuapse
2015-10-29 dricher English SiFo029 4/5 Tough for Germans, but still fun
2018-01-19 Retiredgrunt17 English SiFo031 5/5 Finnish Furball
2018-01-18 Retiredgrunt17 English SiFo032 4/5 Boom
2012-09-22 Matt W English SiFo034 2/5 Hunting Season
2016-02-15 dricher English SiFo034 4/5 Search and Avoid Being Destroyed
2010-09-26 errebi15 English SiFo036 3/5 Major Finnish victory
2017-03-04 dricher English SiFo036 3/5 Pretty decent for a small scenario
2011-11-05 KirkH English SiFo037 4/5 I Want To Break First! Not If I Break Before You!
2014-09-14 dricher English SiFo037 4/5 Woods, snow, and horses
2014-12-29 thomaso827 English SiFo037 4/5 Never Seen a Dead Cavalryman
2017-02-26 dricher English SiFo038 3/5 Another decent Sinister Cav scenario
2012-11-17 Michael Murphy English SiFo039 4/5 Keep Pushing On
2012-12-03 Matt W English SiFo039 2/5 The Great War, Revisited
2012-12-10 waynebaumber English SiFo039 2/5 Tough day at the office for the SS cavalry
2012-12-24 Poor Yorek English SiFo039 3/5 Necessary but not Sufficient
2012-12-26 campsawyer English SiFo039 3/5 Not enough horsepower
2012-12-27 tlangston28 English SiFo039 3/5 My Horse for a Kingdom (or even just a leader with a combat/morale modifier)
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