Panzer Grenadier Battles on February 23rd:

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Indian Unity (33 AARs)
2012-09-22 Matt W English InUn001 3/5 Mob Rule
2012-09-22 Hugmenot English InUn001 3/5 Reversal of Fortune
2017-11-05 waynebaumber English InUn001 2/5 An exercise in futility
2017-11-05 tlangston28 English InUn001 3/5 Help! Police! The Razakars are coming!
2012-09-22 Matt W English InUn002 3/5 Thin-skinned
2012-09-22 Hugmenot English InUn002 4/5 A Challenge for the Indians
2014-11-02 waynebaumber English InUn002 4/5 A tough tussle
2014-11-02 tlangston28 English InUn002 4/5 Lines? What Lines??
2012-09-29 Matt W English InUn003 4/5 For want of a nail...
2012-09-29 Hugmenot English InUn003 4/5 Patience Was Key
2017-08-19 tlangston28 English InUn003 4/5 Overwhelming Indian forces determine the day
2017-08-19 waynebaumber English InUn003 4/5 Just one more turn
2012-10-13 Matt W English InUn004 4/5 Surprise Party
2012-10-13 Hugmenot English InUn004 4/5 So Many problems, Not Enough Time!
2012-10-20 Hugmenot English InUn005 4/5 Creativity Needed
2012-10-20 Matt W English InUn005 4/5 Sweet Victory
2013-12-11 joe_oppenheimer English InUn005 4/5 A unique fight
2013-12-25 waynebaumber English InUn005 4/5 Sweet victory in The Sugar Factory
2017-10-09 waynebaumber English InUn005 4/5 Hyderabad holds the Indian tide
2017-11-01 tlangston28 English InUn005 4/5 Indians end up Sugar Free
2012-10-27 Matt W English InUn006 4/5 Mood Swings
2012-10-27 Hugmenot English InUn006 4/5 Who is Winning Here?
2015-03-16 waynebaumber English InUn006 4/5 Gurkha's tip the balance
2015-03-17 tlangston28 English InUn006 4/5 Come in here, dear boy, have a cigar, you're gonna go far...
2012-11-03 Matt W English InUn007 3/5 Dig deep on this one.
2012-11-03 Hugmenot English InUn007 3/5 Slow and Steady for the Victory
2012-12-29 Matt W English InUn008 3/5 Fanatics
2013-01-19 Matt W English InUn009 4/5 Lacking credit, the charge didn't go through...
2013-01-19 Hugmenot English InUn009 4/5 More Fun Than Expected
2012-09-09 JayTownsend English InUn010 4/5 Indian Unity, scenario #10: The Extraordinary Sidney Cotton
2012-12-29 Matt W English InUn010 4/5 Wreckage
2012-12-29 Hugmenot English InUn010 3/5 Great Introduction to Armor vs Armor Tactics
2015-04-19 waynebaumber English InUn010 3/5 Tanks for the win
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