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Blue Division (38 AARs)
2010-06-09 GeneSteeler English BluD001 3/5 Soviets have little chance stemming the Spanish Flood.
2013-01-15 campsawyer English BluD001 4/5 Spanish Legions make there mark.
2010-06-12 GeneSteeler English BluD002 2/5 Spanish Bogged down in urban assault
2010-11-01 Matt W English BluD002 3/5 It's dark out here
2011-03-13 driddle01 English BluD002 3/5 Take the Barracks
2012-11-06 Hugmenot English BluD002 3/5 Failed Assaults
2013-01-18 campsawyer English BluD002 3/5 Spanish Raiders
2015-03-21 thomaso827 English BluD002 4/5 Fanaticism No Substitute for Luck
2010-12-08 GeneSteeler English BluD003 4/5 Soviet Masses launch night attack
2013-02-17 campsawyer English BluD003 4/5 Honor upheld
2010-12-16 GeneSteeler English BluD004 5/5 The Soviets are advancing on our well defended position. Sir, shall we fire? No, CHARGE!!!
2012-11-11 Hugmenot English BluD004 4/5 Soviets Ran Out of Time
2013-04-17 campsawyer English BluD004 3/5 Law of unintended consequences
2010-12-16 GeneSteeler English BluD005 4/5 How long can the Spaniards hold out?
2010-12-20 GeneSteeler English BluD006 3/5 The Spanish Ski Team to the Rescue!
2012-09-29 Matt W English BluD006 4/5 Who rescued who?
2010-12-22 GeneSteeler English BluD007 3/5 Not the most promising scenario title for the Spanish.
2010-12-28 GeneSteeler English BluD008 2/5 Spanish on the March
2010-07-31 Zouave English BluD009 2/5 Super Hombres
2011-01-07 GeneSteeler English BluD009 2/5 Spanish Brace for the Soviet Wave.
2010-07-18 waynebaumber English BluD010 4/5 Valley of Death
2011-01-11 GeneSteeler English BluD010 4/5 Demoralized Soviets try to break past the Spanish defenders.
2010-06-10 Arensivia English BluD011 3/5 Los tigres o los hipopótamos? (in spanish)
2011-01-13 GeneSteeler English BluD011 3/5 Tiger! Tiger!
2011-04-16 JayTownsend English BluD011 3/5 Blue Division, scenario # 11: Los Tigres
2011-11-03 KirkH English BluD011 4/5 I Hope The Spanish Like Borscht
2011-01-14 GeneSteeler English BluD012 3/5 Soviets attack, for honour? For glory? No, for Chocolate!
2011-01-17 GeneSteeler English BluD013 3/5 Soviets march to the south and stop for a bit of Spanish
2010-06-28 GeneSteeler English BluD014 3/5 Not enough spanish to hold back the Soviet Wave.
2010-06-23 GeneSteeler English BluD015 5/5 Epic Battle
2011-01-17 GeneSteeler English BluD016 3/5 Soviets undertake a raid against a highly defended Spanish position.
2018-01-18 waynebaumber English BluD016 4/5 Blue Spanish Eyes
2018-01-30 Retiredgrunt17 English BluD016 5/5 Ivan Said, No Mas
2011-01-27 GeneSteeler English BluD017 4/5 The Spanish hold the hill known as “The Finger” against Soviet assault
2011-02-23 GeneSteeler English BluD018 3/5 Entrenched Spanish forces try to hold the road and bridge against Soviet attack.
2016-01-31 KirkH English BluD018 4/5 A Real Slugfest
2011-03-01 GeneSteeler English BluD019 2/5 And they all fall down!
2011-02-24 GeneSteeler English BluD020 3/5 Partisans ambush the Spanish Legion on their retreat
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