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Desert Rats #16 - The Panzers Pull Back Desert Rats #19 - The Panzers Return
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Desert Rats #18 - A Pibroch's Skirl South Africa's War #5 - Irish Eyes

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Alaska's War (40 AARs)
2010-06-08 GeneSteeler English AlWa001 3/5 Japanese charging under fire.
2010-08-06 vince hughes English AlWa001 2/5 Invading the US Was Not As Exciting As One Might Think ?
2010-08-07 Shad English AlWa001 2/5 Muskeg mistakes...
2011-04-12 PatC English AlWa001 4/5 Alaska's War Scen #1 Alaska's Warriors or Misery in the Muskeg
2011-04-22 JayTownsend English AlWa001 3/5 Alaska’s War, scenario #1: Alaska’s Warriors
2012-01-01 armyduck95 English AlWa001 4/5 Fighting tooth and nail for a shanty town
2012-05-19 driddle01 English AlWa001 4/5 Alaska's Warriors
2012-07-14 Hugmenot English AlWa001 2/5 Well, it plays quickly
2015-09-07 KirkH English AlWa001 3/5 SNLF Battles the Muskeg - and Some GI's Too!
2011-01-31 GeneSteeler English AlWa002 3/5 American Infantry fights the Japanese and the Cold
2011-04-27 JayTownsend English AlWa002 1/5 Alaska’s War, scenario #2: Gilbert Ridge
2011-05-19 PatC English AlWa002 3/5 Alaska's War Scenario 2 Gilbert Ridge
2012-01-01 armyduck95 English AlWa002 1/5 A Ridge Too Far -Historical Outcome-US plan unraveled like a cheap sweater
2011-02-12 GeneSteeler English AlWa003 3/5 Japanese ambush, harass and assault to the last man
2011-04-17 PatC English AlWa003 1/5 Alaska's War Scen 3, Massacre Valley or I got blisters on my feet just moving the pieces
2011-04-17 JayTownsend English AlWa003 3/5 Alaska’s War, scenario #3: Massacre Valley
2012-01-28 armyduck95 English AlWa003 4/5 Massacre Valley Lives up to its Name
2011-03-28 GeneSteeler English AlWa004 2/5 Americans slaughtered
2011-04-19 PatC English AlWa004 2/5 Alaska's War Scen 4 Hill X or Lucky to X-scape
2011-04-27 JayTownsend English AlWa004 2/5 Alaska’s War, scenario #4: Hill X
2012-04-22 armyduck95 English AlWa004 2/5 "X" marks the spot - for American catastrophe
2011-04-23 PatC English AlWa005 3/5 Alaska's War #5 Jarmin Pass or Absolute misery in the muskeg
2011-04-27 JayTownsend English AlWa005 2/5 Alaska’s War, scenario #5
2011-05-19 GeneSteeler English AlWa005 2/5 Don't squeeze the Jarmin
2013-10-19 armyduck95 English AlWa005 2/5 None Shall Pass
2011-04-25 PatC English AlWa006 1/5 Alaska's War #6 Excess Casulties or Muskeg Madness
2011-04-27 JayTownsend English AlWa006 1/5 Alaska’s War, scenario #6: Excess Casualties
2014-09-29 armyduck95 English AlWa006 3/5 Heartbreak Ridge -US snatches defeat from the jaws of victory
2011-04-27 JayTownsend English AlWa007 3/5 Alaska’s War, scenario #7: Moore Ridge
2011-04-28 PatC English AlWa007 3/5 Alaska's War #7 Moore Ridge or Bluejackets win the land battle
2011-04-22 JayTownsend English AlWa008 3/5 Alaska’s War, scenario #8: Squeezing Jarmin
2011-04-30 PatC English AlWa008 3/5 Alaska's War #8 Squeezing Jarmin
2010-05-30 JayTownsend English AlWa009 4/5 Alaska’s War, Scenario #9, Yamasaki's Attack
2011-05-01 PatC English AlWa009 3/5 Alaska's War #9 Yamaski's Attack or Shoe on other foot
2010-12-26 Shad English AlWa010 3/5 Fanaticism has its merits!
2011-04-25 JayTownsend English AlWa010 3/5 Alaska’s War, scenario #10: Engineer Hill
2011-05-01 PatC English AlWa010 3/5 Alaska's war #10 Engineer Hill or A little goes a long way
2011-11-03 KirkH English AlWa010 2/5 GI's Were Just a Bump In The Road
2010-05-30 JayTownsend English AlWa011 4/5 Alaska’s War: Kiska Evacuation, Scenario #11
2011-05-29 PatC English AlWa011 4/5 Alaska'a War #11 Kiska Evacuation or Just when I thought I was out they pull me back in!
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