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Black SS (66 AARs)
2011-03-31 PG-Tank Dude English BlSS001 1/5 When Stugs ruled the Earth
2015-03-20 waynebaumber English BlSS001 3/5 Read the bloody VCs
2011-04-01 enrique Español BlSS002 3/5 Noche sangrienta
2011-04-24 PG-Tank Dude English BlSS002 2/5 Not Even at Night
2012-03-05 Poor Yorek English BlSS003 4/5 Great risk/reward scenario
2011-01-27 Michael Murphy English BlSS004 4/5 Fancy shootin'
2012-01-22 leonard English BlSS004 4/5 Dead panther
2016-04-16 thomaso827 English BlSS004 4/5 Barkman Wins Again
2010-11-09 JayTownsend English BlSS006 3/5 Black SS, Scenario #6, The Tigers Roar
2011-02-25 joe_oppenheimer English BlSS006 3/5 Fear the Tigers
2011-08-14 vince hughes English BlSS006 4/5 The Tigers Ruled - But It Was a Real Nip & Tuck Encounter
2011-08-14 campsawyer English BlSS006 4/5 Sherman vs Tigers, a nasty business
2011-10-03 JayTownsend English BlSS006 3/5 Black SS, scenario #6: The Tigers Roar
2013-12-01 waynebaumber English BlSS006 3/5 Hear my roar
2013-12-01 tlangston28 English BlSS006 3/5 The Tigers Roared, the Shermans Shrieked...
2011-01-07 vince hughes English BlSS007 3/5 Possibly One Of The Toughest I've Played ?
2011-01-07 campsawyer English BlSS007 4/5 Back and Forth
2011-12-17 campsawyer English BlSS008 3/5 A big SS steamroller
2011-12-17 vince hughes English BlSS008 3/5 Hohenstaufen's Kampfgruppe Meyer Smashes into the Shropshire Regt
2011-04-23 campsawyer English BlSS010 4/5 Through the fields of wheat
2011-04-24 vince hughes English BlSS010 4/5 Fluid Defence The Key Against Numerous Foe
2010-11-15 JayTownsend English BlSS011 4/5 Black SS scenario #11: Perrier Ridge
2011-04-19 joe_oppenheimer English BlSS011 4/5 Tough Town Assault
2011-04-24 JayTownsend English BlSS011 4/5 Black SS, scenario #11: Perrier Ridge
2011-06-19 campsawyer English BlSS011 4/5 SS counterattack in Normandy
2011-06-19 vince hughes English BlSS011 4/5 Another Hohenstaufen Classic In Normandy - Keep Pushing For The Win
2016-11-28 dricher English BlSS011 2/5 A disappointing way to end the four year club campaign
2011-03-26 JayTownsend English BlSS012 3/5 Black SS, scenario #12: On to Ondefontaine
2010-10-12 campsawyer English BlSS013 4/5 Deadly Montchamp...for leaders
2011-10-27 KirkH English BlSS013 3/5 Too Much and Too Good
2012-02-04 campsawyer English BlSS013 4/5 Deadly Duel revised
2012-02-04 vince hughes English BlSS013 3/5 Systematic Approach To Town Clearing Bring Hohenstaufen Victory Over The Welsh
2012-03-10 campsawyer English BlSS014 3/5 Good Roads, Bad Town
2012-03-10 vince hughes English BlSS014 3/5 Forward Defence On East Side Of Estry Proves Too Much For British To Crack
2012-06-28 Poor Yorek English BlSS015 4/5 Ex post facto
2013-05-29 waynebaumber English BlSS015 3/5 The Thin Red Line
2018-02-05 Retiredgrunt17 English BlSS016 5/5 Mixed Bag, Good Results
2016-03-24 waynebaumber English BlSS017 3/5 German triumph at St Barthelemy
2010-11-18 Matt W English BlSS019 4/5 Never Say Die, or if a lot of guys die, just don't give up, anyhow
2011-12-10 waynebaumber English BlSS019 3/5 Kamfgruppe Ullrich
2011-12-10 vince hughes English BlSS019 3/5 37th SS PG Regt Redeem Themselves As Americans Fall Apart
2015-11-14 thomaso827 English BlSS019 4/5 Not Today
2017-08-04 Poor Yorek English BlSS020 4/5 Revenge of a Sort from Sc #3
2012-03-05 Poor Yorek English BlSS021 3/5 Dispirited attack
2015-02-05 plloyd1010 English BlSS021 3/5 Infantry fights don't go as planned.
2012-03-12 Poor Yorek English BlSS022 5/5 Incredible scenario
2011-06-25 Poor Yorek English BlSS023 4/5 Old Hickory walks into a tank trap (solo)
2012-10-17 Matt W English BlSS023 4/5 Give up? Heck we just got here!
2011-06-26 Poor Yorek English BlSS025 3/5 Crash and burn (solo)
2013-07-05 Hugmenot English BlSS025 3/5 Who Gave Me This Map?
2013-07-06 vince hughes English BlSS025 4/5 Never Allow Your Major That Is Under 'The Influence' To Read The Map
2015-10-23 thomaso827 English BlSS025 5/5 Lack of Aggressive Action Costs a Possible Victory
2012-08-21 JoeBuckeye English BlSS026 3/5 Numbers matter
2012-03-07 Poor Yorek English BlSS027 5/5 Attack; Counter-Attack: US oh-so-close
2014-03-24 vince hughes English BlSS028 5/5 A Rollicking Good Scenario
2014-11-23 Matt W English BlSS028 3/5 Brick Wall
2015-05-18 plloyd1010 English BlSS028 2/5 What? Were you talking to me?
2011-01-09 waynebaumber English BlSS030 2/5 Nightmare
2011-01-09 vince hughes English BlSS030 2/5 Assault To Victory !
2011-06-26 Poor Yorek English BlSS030 3/5 Night Murder (solo)
2010-11-25 Poor Yorek English BlSS031 4/5 Obsession Junction
2016-01-18 thomaso827 English BlSS032 4/5 Attack Broken Down
2012-01-29 rerathbun English BlSS034 3/5 Remaining Outside Romagny
2013-02-10 waynebaumber English BlSS034 4/5 Shock defeat for the SS
2013-02-10 tlangston28 English BlSS034 4/5 Americans outlast the SS and take Romagny
2012-03-09 Poor Yorek English BlSS035 4/5 Attrition
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