Panzer Grenadier Battles on February 23rd:

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Guadalcanal (100 AARs)
2010-06-11 enrique Español Guad001 3/5 Tulagi: El primer día
2010-12-14 GeneSteeler English Guad001 1/5 Damn Caves!
2011-02-28 JayTownsend English Guad001 3/5 Guadalcanal, scenario One, Tulagi: The First Day
2011-08-28 maverik Italiano Guad001 3/5 Sbarco a Tulagi
2011-12-28 armyduck95 English Guad001 2/5 Challenging Scenario - Not too exciting for the Japanese though
2012-02-17 campsawyer English Guad001 2/5 Messy invasion for the Americans
2014-02-08 Brett Nicholson English Guad001 3/5 Welcome to the jungle -fix bayonets
2014-02-09 dricher English Guad001 2/5 Turns into a long game of Marines fighting for the draw
2017-03-12 Schoenwulf English Guad001 3/5 Spelunking on Tulagi
2017-03-19 plloyd1010 English Guad001 2/5 Sarge! Too many bugs here!
2010-06-08 GeneSteeler English Guad002 1/5 Tulagi: The First Night – Where superior numbers matter not!
2010-10-19 scrane English Guad002 3/5 Tulagi slugfest
2011-12-03 maverik Italiano Guad002 2/5 First night at Tulagi
2014-02-17 Brett Nicholson English Guad002 2/5 A very long and restless night finally ends
2015-11-29 dricher English Guad002 2/5 The Night Belongs to the Japanese
2017-03-16 Schoenwulf English Guad002 2/5 One Long Night
2017-06-11 plloyd1010 English Guad002 3/5 Bushido & Jimmy Greek team-up against the Marines
2014-02-22 Brett Nicholson English Guad003 3/5 "They're coming right at us!"
2015-11-30 dricher English Guad003 2/5 Caves can be monotonous
2017-03-18 Schoenwulf English Guad003 3/5 Lunchtime on Tulagi
2010-08-16 campsawyer English Guad004 3/5 One of the longest PG scenarios
2011-05-11 JayTownsend English Guad004 2/5 Guadalcanal, scenario #4: Tulagi
2014-03-03 Brett Nicholson English Guad004 3/5 No island paradise here
2016-03-13 dricher English Guad004 2/5 The first Tulagi scenario is better...
2010-06-15 Trotsky English Guad005 2/5 Gavutu-Tanambogo - A Brief AAR
2010-11-20 scrane English Guad005 3/5 Gavutu-Tanambogo
2011-01-19 GeneSteeler English Guad005 2/5 Two days of cave bashing.
2014-03-10 Brett Nicholson English Guad005 2/5 Zero caution begets zero results
2016-12-28 dricher English Guad005 2/5 Grass grows, paint dries, Japanese play this scenario
2017-03-22 Schoenwulf English Guad005 2/5 Small Islands, Big Victory!
2010-06-08 GeneSteeler English Guad006 3/5 First Action on the Matanikau – Lesson in timing your counter-attack
2010-10-26 PatC English Guad006 2/5 Guaadalcanal #6 Matanikau Don't assault the Japanese unless you have to!
2011-03-11 driddle01 English Guad006 3/5 Pincher
2011-10-31 scrane English Guad006 3/5 1st Matanikau
2012-02-19 campsawyer English Guad006 4/5 Deceiving defense
2014-03-14 Brett Nicholson English Guad006 3/5 SNAFU: Situation normal, all blankety-blank
2010-05-30 JayTownsend English Guad007 3/5 Guadalcanal, Scenario #7 Kokumbona
2010-06-08 GeneSteeler English Guad007 4/5 Can the Americans take the village without losing a drop of blood?
2010-07-28 driddle01 English Guad007 2/5 Kokumbona
2010-12-26 Shad English Guad007 4/5 Freak 'em out and F--- 'em up!
2011-10-27 KirkH English Guad007 4/5 A Real Nail Biter
2014-03-20 Brett Nicholson English Guad007 3/5 A timely banzai charge calls this one
2016-12-30 dricher English Guad007 2/5 Not bad solo, but lacking for shared
2010-06-08 GeneSteeler English Guad008 5/5 Make a Solid line!
2010-10-26 PatC English Guad008 3/5 Guadalcanal #8 Battle of the Tenaru
2011-02-24 GeneSteeler English Guad008 5/5 BANZAI!!!
2011-09-09 JayTownsend English Guad008 5/5 Guadalcanal, scenario #8: Battle of the Tenaru
2014-03-24 Brett Nicholson English Guad008 4/5 Rumble at Alligator Creek - Ichicki leads by example
2017-01-01 dricher English Guad008 4/5 Bloody battle along the creek
2017-12-02 Retiredgrunt17 English Guad008 5/5 Different Method, Same Result
2011-05-26 driddle01 English Guad009 4/5 Assault on the Village
2014-03-29 Brett Nicholson English Guad009 4/5 Blame it on the rain
2011-05-31 driddle01 English Guad010 4/5 Marine Sweep
2014-02-09 dricher English Guad010 3/5 To the last man...
2014-04-02 Brett Nicholson English Guad010 5/5 A virtual adrenaline rush
2014-04-18 Brett Nicholson English Guad011 3/5 Just out of reach
2011-01-19 GeneSteeler English Guad012 4/5 Japanese getting lost at night in the Jungle.
2011-01-28 joe_oppenheimer English Guad012 2/5 Stumbling through the jungle
2013-11-08 Matt W English Guad012 4/5 Anybody got a compass?
2014-02-09 dricher English Guad012 2/5 Edson's Ridge, First Night, or Lost in the Jungle
2014-04-22 Brett Nicholson English Guad012 2/5 The only way out is through
2014-05-03 Blackcloud6 English Guad012 4/5 Stumble through the Jungle
2010-05-30 JayTownsend English Guad013 2/5 Guadalcanal, scenario #13, Restore the Line
2010-06-08 GeneSteeler English Guad013 2/5 Sir! You are joking, right?
2011-01-23 joe_oppenheimer English Guad013 2/5 A quick, solo friendly romp in the jungle
2011-11-02 KirkH English Guad013 2/5 The Marines Needed To Send For More Marines
2012-08-23 Matt W English Guad013 2/5 The Few, The Pr..., Well actually just the few in this one
2014-04-24 Brett Nicholson English Guad013 2/5 Raiders of the lost cause
2014-04-24 Brett Nicholson English Guad013 2/5 Japanese barely hang on and hold out this time around
2014-04-24 waynebaumber English Guad013 2/5 Restoring the Line NOT
2014-04-24 waynebaumber English Guad013 2/5 Restore the line NOT. Part II
2014-11-19 warstudent English Guad013 2/5 Impossible task, gets even harder
2015-12-04 dricher English Guad013 1/5 When the best you can hope for is a draw
2010-06-08 GeneSteeler English Guad014 3/5 AMERICAN MORAL VICTORY!
2014-04-29 Brett Nicholson English Guad014 3/5 Like football in the jungle -one last quarterback sneak for the win!
2017-04-02 dricher English Guad014 2/5 Another night on the Ridge
2011-12-29 KirkH English Guad015 4/5 Too Much Jungle
2012-01-14 splat99 English Guad015 3/5 Some Stand Fast, Some Lose Their Way
2014-05-13 Brett Nicholson English Guad015 4/5 An unexpected Japanese victory
2014-05-13 waynebaumber English Guad015 3/5 Japanese elan rules OK
2014-05-13 Brett Nicholson English Guad016 4/5 Betrayed by the Sun
2014-05-22 Brett Nicholson English Guad017 3/5 At least the amphibious landing was successful
2014-06-15 Brett Nicholson English Guad018 3/5 Dying for the Emperor
2017-04-16 dricher English Guad018 3/5 Removing counters at a prodigious rate
2014-06-27 Brett Nicholson English Guad019 3/5 Tug of war across the Matanikau
2010-05-30 JayTownsend English Guad020 5/5 Guadalcanal, Scenario #20, Diversion I
2010-05-30 JayTownsend English Guad020 5/5 Guadalcanal, Scenario #20, Diversion I (Third Play)
2011-04-29 driddle01 English Guad020 4/5 Diversion I
2011-09-14 Ifig English Guad020 4/5 Assaut dans la jungle
2014-02-09 dricher English Guad020 4/5 Best in the box?
2014-06-10 Brett Nicholson English Guad020 4/5 A very thin red line
2014-06-10 waynebaumber English Guad020 3/5 A most strange scenario
2010-12-14 GeneSteeler English Guad021 4/5 Outnumbered three to one. Smoke if you got 'em.
2014-07-01 Brett Nicholson English Guad021 4/5 A hard attack to call off when you are ahead
2010-06-08 GeneSteeler English Guad022 3/5 Americans smash into a battered Japanese line
2014-07-07 Brett Nicholson English Guad022 4/5 Sushi anyone?
2014-02-09 dricher English Guad023 3/5 Defending the Ilu
2014-07-12 Brett Nicholson English Guad023 3/5 Hit and run
2011-04-28 driddle01 English Guad024 3/5 Koli Landing
2014-07-18 Brett Nicholson English Guad024 4/5 Time to send in the G.I.s
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