Panzer Grenadier Battles on February 23rd:

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Fronte Russo (39 AARs)
2010-10-28 scrane English FrRu001 3/5 Tough slog for the Italians
2010-12-27 Matt W English FrRu001 2/5 Teeter Totter
2011-09-16 Michael Murphy English FrRu001 4/5 First Action met a roadblock
2012-11-20 enrique Español FrRu001 4/5 Dura lucha por el hex 1004
2015-09-04 thomaso827 English FrRu001 5/5 Muddy Fighting
2012-08-14 enrique Español FrRu002 4/5 Combates por Zaritschanka: toma de la cabeza de puente
2010-06-11 enrique Español FrRu006 4/5 La caída de Petrikovka
2010-07-31 Zouave English FrRu006 5/5 Italian Grinders
2010-10-31 Matt W English FrRu006 5/5 So the Italians aren't really all that bad, huh?
2010-11-05 errebi15 English FrRu006 2/5 Urban assault slugfest, not too interesting
2011-03-27 Redarmyman English FrRu006 5/5 Za Rodinu!
2011-09-26 filbox English FrRu006 3/5 Non capitulazione di Petrikovka
2011-11-05 KirkH English FrRu006 4/5 Ivan Hangs on - Barely
2013-08-26 waynebaumber English FrRu006 4/5 Fragile Italian morale key to defeat
2010-10-19 errebi15 English FrRu007 4/5 Colonna Garelli triumphs - at the last breath!
2011-03-02 vince hughes English FrRu007 3/5 Una Bandiera Bianca e Raccolto Oltre Marvina
2012-08-29 enrique Español FrRu007 4/5 ¡Camisas Negras al ataque!
2010-12-29 Matt W English FrRu008 4/5 Who says cavalry is fragile?
2017-12-24 Retiredgrunt17 English FrRu008 4/5 A River Too Far
2010-12-30 Matt W English FrRu009 3/5 Sometimes small things come in small packages
2012-02-29 enrique Español FrRu009 5/5 ...Hasta la última tirada de dados
2010-06-06 vince hughes English FrRu010 4/5 Rescuing The 80th
2010-06-23 waynebaumber English FrRu010 4/5 Rescuing the 80th?
2010-10-31 Matt W English FrRu011 4/5 No, YOU go across the ice first...
2010-09-04 campsawyer English FrRu012 4/5 Italians with Flamethrowers
2014-09-07 Matt W English FrRu015 4/5 So much for the presents...
2014-09-13 Matt W English FrRu016 3/5 Assassin
2014-09-28 Matt W English FrRu017 3/5 Somewhat Noisy off to the north
2010-12-20 Matt W English FrRu021 3/5 Look at your uniform. Shoot at guys wearing the OTHER uniform!!!
2014-03-12 Poor Yorek English FrRu022 3/5 A Worse Ending
2014-03-14 Poor Yorek English FrRu024 3/5 Prelude to Siberia
2012-09-22 Matt W English FrRu025 3/5 Or lack thereof...
2014-03-15 Poor Yorek English FrRu025 2/5 How Does One Say "Run Away!" in Italian and German?
2011-03-29 JayTownsend English FrRu027 5/5 Fronte Russo, scenario #27: Serafimovich: Day One
2010-09-26 errebi15 English FrRu036 4/5 Italian cavalry carries the day
2012-09-18 Matt W English FrRu036 4/5 Cannae is in Italy, right?
2010-09-26 errebi15 English FrRu039 4/5 Soviets by three
2010-10-31 Matt W English FrRu041 5/5 Fire me up
2010-12-11 PatC English FrRu043 2/5 Fronto Russo Bonus scenario #43 Voroshilova Struggle
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