Panzer Grenadier Battles on February 23rd:

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Beyond Normandy (67 AARs)
2010-07-06 GeneSteeler English BeNo001 3/5 Big Battle with lots of fun toys!
2011-07-24 10leopard2 English BeNo001 5/5 No progress
2011-11-27 Bart English BeNo001 3/5 No chance
2012-07-04 scrane English BeNo001 2/5 Cheux for tea
2017-12-27 Retiredgrunt17 English BeNo001 5/5 Chewed Up
2010-07-06 GeneSteeler English BeNo002 5/5 Big Toys, Lots of Men, and a Small Battlefield equals a Grand Title Bout!
2011-09-14 Ifig English BeNo002 4/5 Normandie
2014-02-09 dricher English BeNo002 4/5 St Mauvieu
2010-07-06 ravensworth English BeNo003 3/5 Hedgerow Hell
2010-05-30 JayTownsend English BeNo004 4/5 Beyond Normandy, Scenario #4, The Odon Bridge
2010-07-07 GeneSteeler English BeNo004 4/5 Down to the final minutes, and the winner is…
2015-02-16 dricher English BeNo004 4/5 Muck your way to the bridges!
2010-07-12 GeneSteeler English BeNo005 3/5 Scenario 5/44: 227th Brigade Takes Over – But Sir, our orders are to relieve, not capture.
2010-07-13 GeneSteeler English BeNo006 2/5 A few Germans take on more than they can chew.
2011-01-04 driddle01 English BeNo006 4/5 Retake the Town
2011-09-27 Michael Murphy English BeNo006 3/5 What did you expect?
2012-02-27 Poor Yorek English BeNo006 3/5 It rained ... artillery
2012-02-28 vince hughes English BeNo006 2/5 A Fine Attacking Effort - But Just Too Much Is Asked
2012-10-19 Hugmenot English BeNo006 1/5 A Mistake on my Part
2014-07-24 thomaso827 English BeNo006 4/5 Raining More Than Water Today
2015-01-19 splat99 English BeNo006 4/5 WRECKAGE IN THE RAIN
2010-07-13 GeneSteeler English BeNo007 2/5 A few more Germans still take on more than they can chew.
2011-11-03 KirkH English BeNo007 3/5 The Advance Grinds To A Halt
2012-08-24 Matt W English BeNo007 4/5 They Just Wouldn't Quit
2014-08-16 thomaso827 English BeNo007 4/5 Tough Tommys Hold
2010-05-30 JayTownsend English BeNo008 3/5 Beyond Normandy, Scenario #8, Highland Light Infantry Repulsed
2010-07-13 GeneSteeler English BeNo008 3/5 Highland Light Infantry Repulsed – Are they really now?
2011-01-04 driddle01 English BeNo008 4/5 Reinforcing Panthers
2010-07-15 GeneSteeler English BeNo009 3/5 How many British Battalions does it take to get to the centre of Tourville?
2010-07-23 GeneSteeler English BeNo010 3/5 More of a small diversionary Feint
2014-08-20 thomaso827 English BeNo010 4/5 Panther Hunting
2015-09-20 dricher English BeNo010 2/5 Didn't need eleven turns
2010-08-07 GeneSteeler English BeNo011 2/5 Watching British armour getting destroyed.
2014-02-09 dricher English BeNo011 3/5 Grainville
2010-08-10 GeneSteeler English BeNo012 3/5 Run in and capture. How hard can it be?
2015-10-16 dricher English BeNo013 3/5 Too many towns, not enough Brits
2017-10-22 Retiredgrunt17 English BeNo014 5/5 Hedgerow Hell
2011-01-13 arixius English BeNo015 4/5 King of the Hill
2011-12-04 waynebaumber English BeNo015 4/5 Hill 112
2012-03-01 JayTownsend English BeNo015 4/5 Beyond Normandy, scenario #15: Capture of Hill 112
2012-03-26 Poor Yorek English BeNo015 2/5 Disrupted reduced infantry platoon claims victory
2012-07-25 Memenne English BeNo018 3/5 Bloody tanks !
2012-04-15 Blackcloud6 English BeNo019 3/5 Bloody fight, bloody draw!
2014-03-29 vince hughes English BeNo021 3/5 Candy, Milk & A Few Panzers Install Fanatacism
2014-03-30 tlangston28 English BeNo021 3/5 Standstill Over The Hill
2011-03-01 arixius English BeNo023 1/5 Victory Conditions Ruin Scenario
2011-05-12 joe_oppenheimer English BeNo023 4/5 A Little of Everything
2017-11-29 Retiredgrunt17 English BeNo023 5/5 A Lesson in Tacair
2016-01-27 waynebaumber English BeNo024 4/5 One of the better monster PG scenario's
2017-10-22 Retiredgrunt17 English BeNo024 5/5 Two Bulls in a Pen
2010-05-30 JayTownsend English BeNo025 3/5 Beyond Normandy, Scenario #25, Fight for Esquay
2012-03-27 Poor Yorek English BeNo025 3/5 Move and mate in four
2012-05-09 campsawyer English BeNo025 2/5 Dismal Dash
2017-10-20 Retiredgrunt17 English BeNo028 5/5 Night Fighting Carnage
2011-05-12 JayTownsend English BeNo030 4/5 Beyond Normandy, scenario # 30: Jupiter: 129th Brigade
2014-09-21 arixius English BeNo030 3/5 Clearing a Hill is Hard
2014-09-26 arixius English BeNo031 3/5 Super SS Major
2011-08-11 10leopard2 English BeNo032 4/5 Death Hill
2010-10-02 Greg SW English BeNo033 4/5 Decisive leaders
2015-10-16 dricher English BeNo033 3/5 Good scenario, bad VCs, and a rant...
2017-11-30 Retiredgrunt17 English BeNo034 4/5 A Terrible Decision at Terrible Cost
2010-11-26 Poor Yorek English BeNo036 4/5 #36 Counterattack at Eterville
2014-01-13 rerathbun English BeNo037 4/5 Short But Intense
2011-09-30 vince hughes English BeNo040 4/5 The Glorious 277th Volksgrenadiers Rack Up Their Third Victory
2011-10-01 waynebaumber English BeNo040 4/5 A struggle in Normandy
2012-03-28 Poor Yorek English BeNo042 3/5 Another slugfest in the hedges & villages SW of Caen
2011-09-11 PatC English BeNo044 3/5 LeBon Repos Raid or Grind me into a Whopper!!
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