Panzer Grenadier Battles on February 23rd:

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Jungle Fighting (32 AARs)
2010-12-26 Shad English JuFi001 4/5 Coconut Catastrophe
2011-04-03 nitelook English JuFi001 3/5 Aol a Bay
2011-04-09 nitelook English JuFi003 2/5 Really
2011-05-01 PatC English JuFi005 3/5 Jungle Fighting #5 Baptism or "That ain't Holy Water their throwing!"
2017-12-08 Retiredgrunt17 English JuFi007 5/5 The Jungle Came Alive...Everyone Died
2017-12-10 Retiredgrunt17 English JuFi008 5/5 Almost, But Not Quite
2015-06-21 garbare83686 English JuFi011 3/5 We need more guys
2015-06-26 garbare83686 English JuFi012 3/5 Ain't that pretty at all
2010-10-26 PatC English JuFi015 4/5 JF #15 The Galloping Horse AKA The Thin Red Line's "Dancing Elephant"
2010-06-08 GeneSteeler English JuFi016 3/5 Thirsty American troops lack energy to take Hill 53
2012-06-05 vince hughes English JuFi016 3/5 When Nothing Goes Right
2012-08-21 Matt W English JuFi016 2/5 Battle without hope
2012-11-06 waynebaumber English JuFi016 3/5 Japanese elan wins this one
2010-06-08 GeneSteeler English JuFi017 3/5 Lots of time to take Hill 53
2012-06-07 vince hughes English JuFi017 3/5 These Japanese Just Can't Be Budged Sir !
2012-08-14 driddle01 English JuFi017 4/5 Third Day
2012-08-21 Matt W English JuFi017 4/5 Paste
2010-06-08 GeneSteeler English JuFi018 2/5 Taking Bets!
2012-08-23 Matt W English JuFi018 3/5 Battle without Survivors
2011-03-17 Shad English JuFi019 2/5 A Horse Better Left Unridden
2014-09-11 Matt W English JuFi019 2/5 New Tactics Required
2010-08-12 rerathbun English JuFi026 3/5 Mt. Austin VIII turns was not enough
2011-11-05 KirkH English JuFi026 2/5 A Tough Nut To Crack
2011-06-02 rerathbun English JuFi027 3/5 Head Banging in the Jungle
2011-04-04 JayTownsend English JuFi028 2/5 Jungle Fighting, scenario #28: Mt. Austin X
2011-11-05 KirkH English JuFi028 2/5 The American Steamroller Rolls
2013-05-07 rerathbun English JuFi032 3/5 Close, But Not Quite
2010-10-26 PatC English JuFi034 3/5 JF#34 27th's advance to the Poha
2010-11-03 PatC English JuFi035 2/5 JF#35 27th Regt. drives North-The last of the Thin Red Line Scenarios
2011-03-05 Shad English JuFi041 3/5 From snoozefest to heart-stopper in the blink of an eye...
2010-06-09 Shad English JuFi042 1/5 Stay on the boat...
2012-07-05 JayTownsend English JuFi042 1/5 Jungle Fighting, scenario # 42: Butaritari
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