Panzer Grenadier Battles on February 23rd:

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Conquest of Ethiopia (13 AARs)
2015-07-02 leonard English COOE001 4/5 the trick of the trail
2015-11-02 petermc English COOE001 2/5 Tough Nut
2015-12-30 Coniglius English COOE001 3/5 The Dubious Dubat
2017-05-07 JayTownsend English COOE001 4/5 Conquest of Ethiopia, scenario #1: Initial Troubles
2016-01-15 Coniglius English COOE002 3/5 Regia Nautica saves the day
2018-01-07 JayTownsend English COOE002 4/5 Conquest of Ethiopia, scenario #2: Prelude: The Wal Wal Incident
2016-01-24 Coniglius English COOE003 3/5 When properly led, men do great things....
2016-02-01 waynebaumber English COOE014 3/5 A one sided tussle
2015-08-23 Hugmenot English COOE021 4/5 More Balanced Tan At First Sight
2017-11-14 J6A English COOE021 5/5 Poor choices lead to poor outcomes
2015-12-30 waynebaumber English COOE030 3/5 Italian disaster
2016-02-12 Hugmenot English COOE031 2/5 Impossible Task
2015-08-23 Hugmenot English COOE039 3/5 Excellent Introductory Scenario
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