Panzer Grenadier Battles on November 25th:
Heroes of the Soviet Union #1 - Emel'ianova Spearhead Division #12 - Back Into the Fray
Heroes of the Soviet Union #24 - MARS: Vaselki Tank Battles #13 - Operation MARS #1: Zhukov's Dream
Invasion of Germany #40 - Like a Dose of Salts Tank Battles #16 - Operation MARS #4: Grediakino I
Invasion of Germany #41 - Bourheim Blues Tank Battles #17 - Operation MARS #5: Grediakino II
Red Warriors #2 - The Chosen Tank Battles #18 - Operation MARS #6: Grediakino III
Red Warriors #3 - Unleashing the Red God Tank Battles #30 - Operation MARS #18: Molodoi Tud River Blues I: The Penetration
Red Warriors #4 - Across the Vazuza Tank Battles #35 - Operation MARS #23: Luchesa River Valley Blues I: Forward
South Africa's War #11 - Sit Jou Kop . . . Tank Battles #44 - Operation MARS #32: Volunteers
South Africa's War #12 - Driven by Germans West Wall #10 - Like a Dose of Salts
Siegfried Line #1 - Bourheim Blues Workers and Peasants #18 - Over the River

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C&CV2: The King's Officers (25 AARs)
2011-02-01 Matt W English CCV2001 2/5 Et Tu Brut... Force
2013-11-28 Brett Nicholson English CCV2001 3/5 Opening day at the races
2013-11-28 vince hughes English CCV2001 3/5 Siamo Spiacenti, Non Si Puo Fermare, Oggi Stiamo Invadendo l'Egitto !
2013-08-06 Brett Nicholson English CCV2002 4/5 Operation Compass: 10th Italian Army hightails to Bardia, shaken and stirred.
2014-01-23 Brett Nicholson English CCV2002 4/5 Patience and persistence pays off at the end of a gruelling siege
2014-01-24 vince hughes English CCV2002 3/5 An Italian Loss But The Main Objective Held
2011-01-24 PatC English CCV2003 5/5 Kings Officers Scenario 3 Another Libian Town or The Hornet's Nest
2013-08-08 Brett Nicholson English CCV2003 3/5 A marginal victory: Italy rallies in defense of Bardia -Aussie seige lifted, at least through morning ...
2014-02-26 Brett Nicholson English CCV2003 3/5 Nothing ventured, nothing gained
2014-02-26 vince hughes English CCV2003 3/5 Australians Fail To Launch Serious Assault
2011-01-14 PatC English CCV2004 3/5 King's Officers #4 Gazala Opening
2013-08-12 Brett Nicholson English CCV2004 3/5 Diggers best the Bersaglieri in showdown at Tobruk
2013-08-13 Brett Nicholson English CCV2005 4/5 Remnants of 10th Army get drawn and cornered at Beda Fomm
2013-08-15 Brett Nicholson English CCV2006 4/5 Unternehmen Sonnenblume: Operation Sunflower
2013-08-16 Brett Nicholson English CCV2007 3/5 A Stalemate by any other Name
2013-08-18 Brett Nicholson English CCV2008 3/5 Bersaglieri get tossed off the tracks but prevent a total rollover; a narrow victory for Britain.
2013-08-21 Brett Nicholson English CCV2009 4/5 Another humiliating loss for Italy but the early Desert War campaign ends with a nice tank battle
2012-12-28 enrique Español CCV2010 4/5 Avalancha blindada británica
2013-09-22 Brett Nicholson English CCV2010 3/5 "Afrika" Regiment prevails on opening day of Crusader offensive
2013-09-24 Brett Nicholson English CCV2011 4/5 Second phase of Crusader steamrolls "Afrika" Regiment
2013-09-29 Brett Nicholson English CCV2012 3/5 Final phase of Crusader ends with another decisive German defeat
2013-10-02 Brett Nicholson English CCV2013 4/5 Axis counteroffensive stalled by pyrrhic means
2013-10-10 Brett Nicholson English CCV2015 4/5 A few step losses forward, a few step losses back
2013-10-12 Brett Nicholson English CCV2016 4/5 Another axis blunder but at least the stukas finally arrived
2013-10-16 Brett Nicholson English CCV2017 4/5 A bitter end at El Alamein
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