Panzer Grenadier Battles on July 20th:
Arctic Front Deluxe #34 - The Legend of Larry Thorne Pusan Perimeter #29 - Taejon Street Battle
Pusan Perimeter #28 - Day Two, Taejon Flanked! Pusan Perimeter #30 - The Fall of Taejon

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Invasion 1944 (18 AARs)
2017-03-05 petermc English IN44001 3/5 Sold First Scenario for Invasion 1944
2017-05-19 Warhawk1955 English IN44001 3/5 St. Laurent Again
2017-05-19 Warhawk1955 English IN44002 4/5 Fog of War
2016-11-30 leonard English IN44004 4/5 Omaha Battle game. Scenario 1
2017-03-13 Dan_Huffman English IN44004 2/5 Limited German options
2017-05-19 Warhawk1955 English IN44004 3/5 Major Bingham Takes Charge
2016-12-14 leonard English IN44005 4/5 Omaha Battle game. Scenario 2
2017-03-13 Dan_Huffman English IN44005 3/5 Getting better a small scenrios
2017-02-16 leonard English IN44006 4/5 Battle game Omaha : final scenario
2017-05-22 Warhawk1955 English IN44007 3/5 Always remember your Artillery
2017-03-13 Dan_Huffman English IN44010 2/5 Good die rolling is nice.....Whe none gets them
2017-05-19 Warhawk1955 English IN44010 3/5 Bocage sucks
2017-03-13 Dan_Huffman English IN44011 4/5 No Air power is great for the Germans
2017-03-13 Dan_Huffman English IN44012 3/5 Plan before play. Learn to counter US airpower
2017-05-19 Warhawk1955 English IN44012 4/5 Stonewalled indeed
2017-05-19 Warhawk1955 English IN44013 3/5 Fallschirmjager's
2017-05-19 Warhawk1955 English IN44014 4/5 Race for the border
2017-05-19 Warhawk1955 English IN44015 4/5 End of the battle of Bocage
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