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Romanian Soil (23 AARs)
2010-12-04 Matt W English RoSo001 4/5 Delaying action
2011-06-22 Poor Yorek English RoSo001 3/5 Watch those flanks
2011-11-24 enrique Español RoSo001 4/5 Una victoria trabajada
2011-06-24 Poor Yorek English RoSo002 4/5 Stymied at Coarnele-Capru (solo)
2011-08-08 Matt W English RoSo002 4/5 The Die is Cast - Oh, for Pete's Sake, not ANOTHER "1"
2012-09-16 enrique English RoSo002 4/5 Romanian Soil # 2 - Photo Gallery on this Battle
2010-11-01 Matt W English RoSo003 4/5 Ramming through Romanians
2011-06-27 JayTownsend English RoSo003 4/5 Romanian Soil, scenario #3: Slowing the Juggernaut
2012-10-24 vince hughes English RoSo003 5/5 Romanian Right Broken But Juggernaut Halted
2010-12-25 Poor Yorek English RoSo004 4/5 Grossdeutschland Pioneers uber alles: solo play
2010-12-31 ricer English RoSo004 4/5 Engineers can't do everything
2011-08-09 Matt W English RoSo004 3/5 Engineers may not be able to do anything, but this, they can do...
2011-10-22 JayTownsend English RoSo004 3/5 Romanian Soil, scenario #4: Engineers Really Can Do Anything
2011-11-04 KirkH English RoSo004 3/5 Germany Makes a Point
2011-06-25 Poor Yorek English RoSo005 4/5 Serial composition (solo play TBC ...)
2011-08-14 Matt W English RoSo005 4/5 Goin' Fishin'
2011-02-18 Matt W English RoSo006 5/5 Get Yer Dramamine, It's a Bumpy Ride
2011-06-15 JayTownsend English RoSo006 4/5 Romanian Soil, scenario #6: A Slow Response
2010-11-25 Matt W English RoSo007 4/5 Tree to tree then house to house
2011-11-04 KirkH English RoSo007 2/5 Soviets Make a Point
2011-08-21 Matt W English RoSo008 5/5 Ubermensch, or Nietzsche would have been proud.
2011-11-16 Matt W English RoSo009 5/5 Blunt Force Trauma
2011-11-20 Matt W English RoSo010 3/5 Textbook
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