Panzer Grenadier Battles on September 19th:
Edelweiss #16 - Phalari Pass North of Elsenborn #8 - In the Mood
Edelweiss IV #29 - Phalari Pass Panzer Grenadier #24 - High Water Mark
Edelweiss: Expanded #21 - Phalari Pass River Fleets #10 - Music to My Ears
Eastern Front #111 - High Water Mark Spearhead Division #7 - Munsterbusch
Invasion of Germany #13 - In the Mood White Eagles #33 - Train of Death

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Carpathian Brigade (13 AARs)
2012-08-28 vince hughes English CaBr001 2/5 Feint or Futility ?
2012-08-28 waynebaumber English CaBr001 2/5 Plucky Poles win easy victory (without too much effort)
2012-10-27 Matt W English CaBr001 2/5 Or was that "Italian Faint..."
2013-01-01 Hugmenot English CaBr001 2/5 Feinting into a Rout
2012-10-31 Matt W English CaBr002 4/5 Wear Down
2012-12-27 waynebaumber English CaBr002 2/5 One way traffic in the desert
2013-01-08 Hugmenot English CaBr002 2/5 Why Feint With Overwhelming Numbers?
2013-01-02 Matt W English CaBr003 3/5 Well THAT wasn't how to set up the Italians...
2013-01-16 Hugmenot English CaBr003 4/5 At 10:00, the Italians Stopped Fighting
2011-04-20 JayTownsend English CaBr004 4/5 Carpathian Brigade, scenario #4: Fraternal Assistance
2013-01-21 Hugmenot English CaBr004 4/5 Bad Strategy, Fun Game
2013-01-27 Hugmenot English CaBr005 3/5 Italians Surrender Late and Lose Again
2013-02-09 Hugmenot English CaBr006 2/5 Italian Shock (SSR 3) Needs Revision
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