Panzer Grenadier Battles on February 24th:
Germans far too strong for the French in this scenario
Author waynebaumber (12)
Method Dual Table Setup + Voice Chat
Victor Germany
Participants campsawyer (AAR)
Play Date 2013-08-27
Language English
Scenario FaoF019

This was played via Skype against Alan Sawyer over toe sessions. A French combined arms force have to retake Stonne against a equal (in terms of foot units) force of Germans, halfway through the scenario the German side receives AFV reinforcements and plentiful OBDA. I try not to ever say a scenario is not winnable for any side, and I note that the French have recorded one victory, and not to take anything away from Alan who set up very well and played a good solid game, this is one unbalanced scenario. The one French advantage is the 3 B1 bis who can lay down some heavy firepower. however they are slow and it will take three turns at least to get in positions to use that firepower. A flanking attack would take even longer. The French artillery is OK but will be hitting on the 21 or 16 columns as the Germans will be dug in or in Stonne itself. The French have 7/6 morale which given the open ground around the village will result in lots of disruptions and demoralization's from German OF. Alan had set up with every 40m hill hex occupied, the ATG's to the rear and ENG units occupying the town. As the French advance the B1 bis went straight for the town, supported by the main bulk of the foot units, a small force was sent to flank the south side of the town to join with the FCM36 company in an effort to split the defenders. After several turns of maneuver the French began to pour fire into Stonne but all to no great effect with the German player able to pull out disrupted units, replace with fresh units and easily rally his troops while all the time though not inflicting any huge losses of the French the frequent disruptions were causing a headache. When the German AFV's arrived they reinforced the town and drove of the French armoured cars, it was when the German OBDA became active that the tide really turned and losses began to mount for the French. Finally with time running out the B1's assaulted the town initially this was a success but failing to completely clear the first town hex left them very vulnerable to A/T attacks from the STUG in the ruined part of Stonne. The B1's pulled out to be replaced by INF/HMG who could not make any headway against the brave stubborn trooper of GD division. The B1's tried again but were beaten back by the STUG backed up with accurate HMG fire. By the end of play all of Stonne was still in German hands for a major major victory. I rated this at first as a 1 but will increase that to a 2 just, but this scenario needs some tweaks to become balanced, I would suggest French morale to be 8/6 and a decrease in the German OBDA to 16 x 2. Even then it would be a tough slog for the French. Avoid this one if looking for a good game, I would even question if it's a good simulation of the action as the French won this encounter according to the conclusion, it does though show why French forces struggled against the better firepower and more mobile German invaders.

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