Panzer Grenadier Battles on February 24th:
Stonne cold
Author campsawyer (13)
Method Dual Table Setup + Voice Chat
Victor Germany
Participants waynebaumber (AAR)
Play Date 2013-08-27
Language English
Scenario FaoF019

This was a Skype play with Wayne Baumbar over the course of two sessions. Wayne played as the French and I as the Germans. The leader draw was average to good for both sides, but it is a tough one for the French as they have lower morale and they are attacking a hill town. They do have the massive Char B1's to help force assaults but they face the elite Grossdeutschland regiment that has better morale and infantry weapons. They also have the terrain, being able to setup on the hill and adjust to the the French attack.

The French start by advancing down the west end of the road on board 27 with there tanks. Other infantry and Char B1's enter from the west, directly opposite the end of the ridge that the town of Stonne sits on. To the south the French advance their H39's to join the attack.

The French face a dugin Grossdeutschland regiment on the 40m hill and in wrecked town of Stonne. They have arranged HMG's and AT guns to cover the advance as well. They are all grouped on the hill but they are stretched out east-west along the hill.

The French push at the western tip of the hill where the German defense is the thinnest. A company of Char B1's begin to blast away at the dugin Germans scoring demoralizations and set losses. They eventually reduce the point of the defense and take the edge of the hill. French infantry try to move to the flanks of the hill to put pressure on but German fire demoralizes them and are forced to flee and recover. French H39's try to flank the hill and gets caught in an assault on the east end of the hill. German infantry are able to tie them down until the German armor arrives. The German PzIVD is able to score a kill on the H39's and they begin to fall back.

Back on the west end of the hill the German units defending the tip have fled back into the town of Stonne and the Char B1's get excited and chase after them. They are able to score losses in the town, but fear of German counter attack force the French armor to get out of the town and let the infantry handle it. In the pause the disorganized Germans are able to get fresh units, including an HMG into the town to keep it uncontrolled. Meanwhile other French FCM36's move to reduce a German dugin position to the south of Stonne, French armor try to get in but German grenade bundles demoralize the tanks. But where was the French infantry.

During there advance German OBA and OP fire targeted the infantry and failed morale checks took there toll. Much of the French infantry need to spend time recovering from the German fire to make it had to support the armors assaults. This left the tanks on their own to attack but many became demoralized during the attacks.

This left the battle up to the tanks which became vulnerable to German AT fire. To the south if the Stonne ridge the PzIVD engaged the H39's for a second time scoring a reduction to one. The French responded with armored cars to try to flank the PzIVD, but lost one step. Eventually, they were able to and the supporting German 37mm AT were not able to stop them. This put the vulnerable PzIVD in a bad spot and eventually a shot from a FCM36 took it down.

But the damage was done as this tied up valuable armor from getting the Grossdeutschlander's out of Stonne. Two assaults by the Char B1's failed as they became demoralized by dugin infantry in the town and the ridge. This allowed the Germans to easily hold the ridge and the with the game with a wide margin, 35-12.

The scenario is quite interesting, but it is very hard for the French. They must attack a hill town with lower morale troops and tanks. The Germans, while on the defensive, but disadvantaged at the start have the edge. So this is another the is historically correct but tough as a two player game.

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