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Why fight harder?
Author Matt W
Method Solo
Victor Lithuania
Play Date 2012-10-02
Language English
Scenario IrWo005

Early on in this scenario it became clear that the Lithuanians could win without moving forward beyond the towns in their immediate front. As a result, that's what they did. The Poles simply don't have sufficient force to hold everything they need to in order to deny the Lithuanians a win.

Despite this it is an enjoyable little scenario given the forces involved; the ON home guard type units from White Eagles against the Iron Wolves can only happen here.

I found myself wondering, however, what the motivation for the Lithuanians to press their attack would be. Since I didn't find anything compelling I stopped early on.

I give it a "3" but it could have been a "2". Given the hypothetical nature of the battle something more well developed as a scenario would have been nice.

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