Panzer Grenadier Battles on February 24th:
Boxed In
Author Matt W
Method Solo
Victor Lithuania
Play Date 2012-09-30
Language English
Scenario IrWo007

A large Soviet armored column with supporting infantry is charged with the need to cross a couple boards. The Lithuanians are amply supplied with AT guns and plenty of space to place them. As the Lithuanian I decided to use my setup to deny the Soviets the use of the road and then use the light nature of the AT guns to permit me to relocate them to address the actual location of the tanks once they come on board. The infantry force would be used to shape the battlefield by denying the tanks any clear route to exit the board.

This worked like a charm. The Soviets saw the AT trap and moved south of the swamps and initially made decent time. The infantry support had a lot of trouble,however as it got hit multiple times by the Lithuanian artillery and left a trail of disrupted and demoralized units. As the T-26s lumbered forward the Lithuanian guns won the race to put pressure on the tankers. The infantry was shredded by Lithuanian HMGs and assaulting infantry and ultimately lost over half the force. The tank movement was hindered by initial AT gun success in demoralizing two leader tanks. The remaining tanks dove into the woods to try to avoid the potential assaulting infantry and walked right into a terrible AT gun crossfire in a real kill box.

After 8 out of 12 remaining mobile T-26 steps were eliminated the Soviets called for mercy. Since we were Lithuanians and not Finns mercy was granted.

This is a very hard scenario for the Soviets to win as the slow tank movement off road will make it possible for the Lithuanians to counter nearly anything the Soviets do as long as the Lithuanians do shut the road off first. They cannot permit the Soviets to move along the road without causing significant losses.

It was fun to see the defense truly shape the battle and see how terribly the Soviets were outmaneuvered but I don't see a good route for a Soviet win. This oen tilts to the Lithuanians so I give it a "3".

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