Panzer Grenadier Battles on February 24th:
Alaska'a War #11 Kiska Evacuation or Just when I thought I was out they pull me back in!
Author PatC
Method Solo
Victor Japan
Play Date 2011-05-28
Language English
Scenario AlWa011

Imagine Lt. O'Bannon's chagrin when HQ informed him that he had to go back to the muskeg for one more scenario to intercept the Axis occupation force before they evacuated. This was bad karma to have to go back when you thought you were done. So reluctently he unpacked his duffle bag and fished out his dice and looked over the map. It figured to be a race to the road junction at 2010. Once deployed the Allies blew through the delaying force with amazing speed eliminating all but one HMG step and a Lt. Despite this the Axis occupation force managed to make good time toward the exit hexes and were just a little ahead of the advancing Allies when the two bodies made contact around the road junction. A wild melee ensued with assault and counter assault. The Allies lost a M5 step to assault and the lvt to the Axis ATG at the exit hex on the road. The Allies just could never get ahead of the Axis in strengh, and those that did got eaten alive in assault due to the axis morale level and the Assault bonus. Meanwhile though other axis units were taking a beating trying to withdraw under the Allied guns suffering step losses and disruptions and demoralizations in the process. Both sides had taken losses and the scenario was in the balance. At this poing the Axis decided for one turn to turn and meet their pursurers. This cost the Axis two steps and a demorlization but it disjointed the Allied pursuit by causing a step loss and several disruptions. This move, although expensive, allowed the bulk of the remaining Axis units to escape. The scenario ended at 1215 with the Axis scoring 22 points and the Allies 16 for a 6 point difference. Axis minor victory. Lt. O'Bannon survived with an additional 6 points and 2 steps destroyed. Kudos to "Super Fan" Jay Townsend for creating this scenario. It was a good one. Rating 4.

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