Panzer Grenadier Battles on February 23rd:
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Dismounted Disaster
Cassino '44 #16
(Defender) New Zealand vs Germany (Attacker)
Formations Involved
Germany 1st Fallschirmjager Regiment
New Zealand 26th Infantry Battalion

Overall balance chart for Cass016
Side 1 0
Draw 0
Side 2 5
Overall Rating, 5 votes
Scenario Rank: 328 of 609
Parent Game Cassino '44
Historicity Historical
Date 1944-03-18
Start Time 16:00
Turn Count 8
Visibility Day
Counters 16
Net Morale 1
Net Initiative 3
Maps 4: CassLL, CassLR, CassUL, CassUR
Layout Dimensions 43 x 28 cm
17 x 11 in
Play Bounty 95
AAR Bounty 163
Total Plays 5
Total AARs 1
Battle Types
Hill Control
River Crossing
Rural Assault
Off-board Artillery
Scenario Requirements & Playability
Cassino '44 maps + counters

The capture by the New Zealanders of the Railway Station on the 17th of March created a thorn in the side of the German defenses. The paratroopers sent their dismounted motorcycle company to take it back.


The Fallschirmjagers forded the Gari, which was up to their necks in some places. As they climbed up the far bank they were caught in their own mortar barrage, but they gamely charged the New Zealanders nonetheless. The Kiwis kept thier nerve and brought down withering small arms fire on the Germans, and within minutes the Germans broke. The suffered more casualties as they fled back across the Giri, and only 19 paratroopers made it back to their own lines.

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Germany Order of Battle
  • Foot
New Zealand Order of Battle
New Zealand Army
  • Leader

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Overall balance chart for 39

Reduce strength direct fire value be came 5-5 in Army at Dawn.

(plloyd1010 on 2015 Jul 31)

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Taking the Station
Author driddle01
Method Solo
Victor Germany
Play Date 2011-01-03
Language English
Scenario Cass016

Cassino '44 is one of my favorite PG titles becasue of the interesting theater rarely seen in tactical wargames, and the beautiful, large hex map. This scenario is very short with only one company on each side. The Germans begin the assault by advancing towards the river and to the south. Indirect fire is ineffective and New Zealand fire is also ineffective. The Germans set up a fire group and begin to fire on the New Zealand platoons on the hilltop beside the station. The Germans get a lucky break with a 2X result. This immediately reduces the New Zealand forces by 25%. The Germans take advantage ont he next turn and close to within 1 hex of the hilltop. The New Zealand force fire at point blank range, but the Germans easily pass the morale check. The next turn finds the Germans assaulting the reduced New Zealand platoons. With higher morale and a leader, the Germans inflict additional casualties on the already reduced platoons. At this point, the Germans have captured the hilltop and inflicted four step losses on the New Zealand force with only oner German step loss. German victory.

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