Panzer Grenadier Battles on July 26th:
Eastern Front #52 - East of Smolensk Panzer Lehr 2 #13 - Road to St. Gilles
Kokoda Campaign #4 - Escape from Oivi Panzer Lehr 2 #14 - An Ironic Twist
Kokoda Trail #1 - Escape from Oivi Panzer Lehr #13 - Road to St. Gilles
Marianas 1944 #19 - The Guam Banzai Maneuver Panzer Lehr #14 - An Ironic Twist
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Map 30

Panzer Grenadier Headquarters Library Map: 30 for Panzer Grenadier game series
A major city covers most of the southern half of the map. A river runs the entire length from north to south with a large 20m hill in the northwest, more 20m hills running along the entire eastern edge. The northeastern and northwestern hills peak at 40m each.
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Fall of France
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