Panzer Grenadier Battles on November 20th:
Carpathian Brigade #2 - A Very Nice Change Invasion of Germany #35 - A Day Late
Desert Rats #13 - Advance And Engage Jungle Fighting #5 - Baptism
Desert Rats #14 - Bir Bu Meliha Jungle Fighting #6 - Re-establishing The Line
Desert Rats #15 - Sidi Rezegh: Counter-Attack Panzer Grenadier #15 - Siberian Night Attack
Eastern Front #85 - Siberian Night Attack Roer River Battles #9 - Grasping at Straws
Heroes of the Soviet Union #19 - Stalingrad Fire Brigade Roer River Battles #10 - A Day Late
Invasion of Germany #34 - Grasping at Straws
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PG-HQ Library
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