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An Army at Dawn #29 - Ferianna Outpost South Africa's War #2 - Down in Jubaland
Cassino '44 #12 - Operation Avenger
Fifth Annual PG-HQ Awards
by Shad, 2015-07-02

Back on track!

All of these annual awards are based on what we call the PG-HQ Year, in this case - Year 5 - all activity from June 6th 2014 to June 5th 2015, inclusive. Furthermore, in order to be eligible for an award you must have played and recorded at least 6 battles during this period. That's equivalent to achieving our first promotion from Recruit to Private. The reasoning is if you can't play once every 2 months you probably don't deserve an award!

Also, don't forget that the full list of yearly winners for each award is in our Hall of Fame!


This award is totally pointless but I love it anyway.

At 20:59:56 on 2014 June 6th, U.S Central Time, Matt W added the first play of PG-HQ's fifth year. Congratulations buddy, you and your play for Panzer Lehr #14 were FIRST! in Year 5.

Writer's Club

Unawarded! Articles fell by the wayside AGAIN in Year 4 and 5. I will place renewed emphasis on this section in Year 6. There is still a great deal of untapped potential here!

Player of the Year

Five years, five recipients - our most prestigious award has thus far proven impossible to defend! This year's winner once again stood head and shoulders above the rest. Congratulations thomaso827, you are the 2015 Player of the Year with an impressive 129 scenarios logged between 2014 June 6th and 2015 June 5th!

Shared Player of the Year

The formidable Hugmenot captured his third consecutive Shared Player of the Year award with 18 shared plays in 2014, but this time Matt W refused to be pipped at the line and is co-winner with 18 as well!

Chronicler of the Year

Plays are the fuel that drives our statistics, but the character, the nature of Panzer Grenadier only truly seeps forth from our After Action Reports. We have a new champion this year with a grueling 129 reports filed. Congratulations thomaso827!

Longest Wind

They just go on and on and on! Hopefully it's all worth reading in the end!

The PG-HQ member with the longest wind in 2015 was Brett Nicholson, who averaged a copious 1,060 words per AAR over 16 AARs!

  • Runner-up: dricher, 637 words per AAR over 31 AARs
  • Second Runner-up: Matt W, 499 words per AAR over 15 AARs
Got to the Point

Was there even a battle? No one knows because these authors aren't talking!

The PG-HQ member with the lowest average AAR word count in 2015, and therefore the member who most readily got to the point, was t1M0t8yk, who averaged a miserly 163 words per AAR over 8 AARs!

  • Runner-up: gulatum, 174 words per AAR over 10 AARs
  • Second Runner-up: dreierj, 199 words per AAR over 14 AARs
Easy to Please

Easy to Please goes to the member with the highest average scenario rating over the past year. 2015's most perpetually satisfied member was thomaso827 with an average rating of 4.1705 over 129 scenario ratings.

Hard to Please

Conversely, some people just ain't ever happy with their battles. Maybe they have bad luck picking scenarios to play, maybe they simply hold Panzer Grenadier to a higher standard than the rest of us... no matter the reason, we salute their discriminating taste all the same!

2015's most perpetually dissatisfied member was CricketHawk with an average rating of 2.5714 over 7 ratings.

  • Runner-up: willdeworde averaged 2.8462 over 13 ratings
  • Second Runner-up: t1M0t8yk averaged 2.9 over 10 ratings
Bounty Master

The Bounty Master award goes to the member with the highest bounty total for the year. This year's winner is thomaso827, who claimed a peerless 42,276 points over 258 bounties.

Bounty Sniper

The Bounty Sniper award goes to the member with the highest bounty average. This year's winner is JayTownsend, who averaged 219.6452 points over 62 bounties.

  • Runner-up: Hugmenot, 199.08 points per bounty over 25 bounties
  • Second Runner-up: Matt W, 187.7742 points per bounty over 62 bounties
Bounty Trophy Hunter

Fancy a big game hunt? The Trophy Hunter award goes to the member who has bagged the largest play & AAR bounty set by points over the past year.

This year's winner is JayTownsend, who bagged 543 points with his play & AAR set for Hammer & Sickle #36.

Decisively Indecisive

"We fought and we fought and we fought and we fought... and at the end of the day... nobody won!"

Frustrating I'm sure! In honor of those among us who, try as they might, seem to always get stuck in stalemates, we've created the Decisively Indecisive award.

If you're going to take the trouble to do something, might as well do it the best you possibly can! 2015's most Decisively Indecisive member was willdeworde who logged 4 draws over 13 plays for a draw rate of 30.77%!

  • Runner-up: richvalle, 3 draws over 10 plays, 30%
  • Second Runner-up: Poor Yorek, 3 draws over 12 plays, 25%
Game Spice of Life

Also known as the special award for taking different boxes down off the shelf, the Game Spice of Life is given to the member who plays the most different games in one year. Our 2015 winner is Matt W who played 25 different games this year!

Nation Spice of Life

thomaso827 captures his first Spice award this year having captained 20 different nations over the past year!

Unit Spice of Life

Collecting his second Spice award this year, Unit Spice of Life goes to thomaso827! Over the past year he has led 437 different units into battle!

Persian Warlord

Though you can do battle in Panzer Grenadier with as few as 7 counters, the veterans know that vast, sweeping battles are where the command and control system shines best.

Persian Warlord goes to the member who played the scenario with the largest counter total over the past year. This year's winner is CravenDumps35 who marshaled 327 units in Kursk - South Flank #31!

Xerxes Reborn

And then there's the general who makes his enemies fight in the shade. Xerxes Reborn goes to the member who commanded the most total units over the course of the previous year. This award goes to thomaso827, who led 6,089 units into battle after battle!

Tireless Warrior

On one end of the spectrum, Panzer Grenadier offers a handful of battles that clock in at 105 minutes maximum. At the other end, the iron-grog can immerse himself in multi-day rampages. The Tireless Warrior award is given annually to the member who bagged the longest single scenario by turn total.

This year we honor dreierj who tackled the 199 turns for Afrika Korps #2!

Tireless Campaigner

But when the dust settles and the battle has finished, the Tireless Warrior may rest, whereas the Tireless Campaigner must carry on until the last of his enemies are scattered to the four winds.

For logging the most total turns in battle over the past year with an exhausting 2,118 turns of death and destruction, thomaso827 is the 2015 Tireless Campaigner!


The Cinderella of our Annual Awards, the glorious honor that is LAST! is bestowed upon that user who recorded a play closest to midnight, 2015 June 5th.

This year's winner is dirk, who logged a play for Fall of France #36 at 01:04:53, June 5th. Congratulations buddy, you were LAST! in Year 5.