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Edelweiss #18 - Argostoli: Edelweiss StainedEdelweiss IV #31 - Argostoli: Edelweiss Stained
Edelweiss: Expanded #23 - Argostoli: Edelweiss StainedEastern Front #112 - Debut
Heroes of the Soviet Union #16 - Red Parachutes: GrigorovkaInvasion of Germany #15 - Off the Donnerberg
North of Elsenborn #10 - Off the DonnerbergPanzer Grenadier #20 - Debut
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Honoring Our Best, Vol. 48

On March 11th Poor Yorek stonewalled the advancing Americans and blew all the dams to smithereens.

  • Draws: 2
  • German Wins: 7
  • American Wins: 2

Poor Yorek, in recognition and commemoration of your accomplishments, you are hereby awarded this ribbon:

Roer River Battles
Honoring Our Best, Vol. 47

On March 5th Brett Nicholson beat back the last bit of German resistance amongst the hedges. For the first time in weeks the paratroopers slept well.

  • Draws: 9
  • American Wins: 9
  • German Wins: 3

Brett Nicholson, in recognition and commemoration of your accomplishments, you are hereby awarded this ribbon:

September Promotions...

For exemplary service in combat, and dedication to Panzer Grenadier Headquarters, the following promotions are conferred:

thomaso827 is promoted 2 ranks from Private First Class insignia to Sergeant insignia


Regarding Infantry Attacks and Modern War

I have opened a thread in the PG-HQ Forum to discuss the potential inclusion of the IA and MW series into the HQ. If you have an opinion on this topic, please express it!

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