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[Dev Update] Winding down 2016, Gearing up for a big 2017!
Hi everybody!

Since the last Dev Update back in July, my team of moderators and I have been hard at work on improving PG-HQ. Here is a brief rundown of what's different / new lately:
  • The Player Finder was redesigned to be more readable and easy to use
  • Back-end code was improved for the Matchmaker, Articles, Stats & Rankings, Error Reporting, Login, Registration, and the Mission pages
  • We added a Cookie Policy
  • Library Items now show up in your browser's title bar / tab title bar. This improves PG-HQ's search engine visibility immensely.
  • We handed out four Tour of Duty medals and
  • We completely overhauled the Tour of Duty page - check it out!
  • Bug fixes worth mentioning:
    • Fixed a password reset bug
    • Fixed an obscure comment error bug
    • Fixed a bug related to searching for nations or countries with two-word names (ex: Soviet Union)
Additionally, plloyd1010 and I have put more work into Formations. On the Library > Formations category page there is now a real-time name search to help you quickly and effortlessly drill down to the formation you'd like to view. Try it out! Also, we've added formations to each scenario's page. They're listed right underneath the nations at the top of the page.

plloyd1010 and I have even more great enhancements planned for Formations, and will make another announcement regarding that later in December.

Lastly, I've been hard at work testing new server setups. In early 2017 PG-HQ will finally migrate to a big, beefy server that can support much more intensive site functionality like... photo galleries!

As always, the best way to support PG-HQ is to 1) record your plays and AARs, and 2) tell anyone and everyone interested in Panzer Grenadier about us.

If you've got some change in your pocket at the end of the day, you might also considering becoming a site supporter via our Patreon page. PG-HQ's hosting fees are entirely paid out of my pocket and offset a bit by the generous support of some of our members. This year's supporters are eligible to receive a set of custom PG-HQ dice and a PG-HQ mug - very exclusive, very classy!

We're closing in on 7,500 recorded plays! 2017 will be an awesome year here at PG-HQ, just wait and see! Thank you for all your support!
...came for the cardboard, stayed for the camaraderie...
If someone is a little bored out there, the formations section has some low-hanging fruit. It would be helpful to if someone could add the scenario ID's from Edelweiss IV, Invasion of Germany, and Kokoda Campaign to the respective formation entries which appeared in earlier release versions.

I had wondered what became of the custom dice idea.
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