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[Dev Update] July revival
Hi everybody! It's been a long time since I've written one of these. Here's what we're up to:

Library Additions
  • La Campagne de Tunisie - added boxcover and units
  • Broken Axis - added boxcover, maps, and units
Bug Fixes
  • Map ordering on the Library > Maps category list has been changed. I never expected AP to release maps with triple digit numbers. But when they did PG-HQ was listing like so: 08, 09, 10, 100, 101, ... that has been fixed, but now the alphanumeric maps are ordered before purely numeric names.
  • Game purchase recommendation was telling you to buy a game that would allow you to play "0 additional scenario" - how helpful! Now it will correctly inform you that "Two or more purchases required to play any additional scenarios."
Overall Situation
  • the Library is content complete
  • aside from the occasional sneeze, PG-HQ is running smoothly
  • everything is backed up every 24 hours to multiple geographic locations
  • we're 6 years old and going strong
Near Term Projects
  • 2016 Annual Awards
  • Finishing Library content creation tools so our moderators can curate without any help from me behind the scenes
  • Design and produce the 2016 PG-HQ dice set gift for all our supporters on Patreon!
Somewhat Less Near Projects
  • select VPS hosting company for site migration to more powerful hardware
As always, I have some other things in mind but would rather not publicly disclose them because I am uncertain if they'll be completed Blush
...came for the cardboard, stayed for the camaraderie...

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