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Chinese units?
I've thought about making a game occasionally. I just don't have enough time to devote on a consistent basis. So I make counters and play experimental games. Maybe that is why I am only a sergeant. Huh

I generally use Inkscape for the counters. I have used GIMP and CS2 on occasion for special problems.

Your CCP guys should be better off than mine, though maybe not as motivated. in WW2 that are still very much a revolutionary army, without heavy equipment.
... actually you Americans are probably the most dangerous people in the world. This is because you treat war as a job, and your culture has an excellent work ethic.
-- paraphrased from John Keegan's Fields of Battle

Too bad Peter, I think you would do a great job doing this one. I just kind of burnt out starting another design and AP is pretty far behind with six of my turned in designs that are not published yet. Maybe after I take so time off I'll go back to designing again.

If you change your mind, I think each game design depending on the size, takes me about 180-300 hours of work counting reading and studying. If you put in about 40 hour per week, it would only take you about 5 weeks. I use to do 1.5 hours before work, 2.5-3 hours after work and 20-24 hours on a weekends. Easier done in winter weather than nice weather. I did one design after I was coupe up for 7 weeks after surgery to repair some old injuries. Or there is that gradual method of doing a littler here and there over 8-10 months as well, which I have tried on a few. When I start a design however, its hard for me to stop, until its complete, it become an obsession of creative art that needs to be put on paper, to tell the historical story of the men and equipment that fought these battles and to balance the victory conditions in an interesting way, so they will be fun to play over and over again. Also, if I don't get it all on paper soon, I'll have to reread every this with my short term memory.
(02-29-2016, 03:34 PM)JayTownsend Wrote: [snip] I think each game design depending on the size, takes me about 180-300 hours of work counting reading and studying.
Developing games takes us roughly 4 - 8 hours per scenario on average, including the time it takes to verify the OOB, prepare the document for final editing. game special rules, etc.
Games and supplements that require extensive special rules can require more time. For example, I spent over 120 hours on Land Cruisers and that does not include the time Matt spent developing scenarios.  I fear River Boats will take as much, if not more, development time.
You have it worst Daniel. Not sure if you get paid or not but I don't. But its all for the love of the hobby!

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