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Down the Mountain
Counter Attack #19
(Attacker) North Korea vs South Korea (Defender)
Formations Involved

Overall balance chart for KWCA019
Side 1 0
Draw 1
Side 2 0
Overall Rating, 0 votes
Scenario Rank: --- of 607
Parent Game Counter Attack
Historicity Historical
Date 1950-08-11
Start Time 08:00
Turn Count 25
Visibility Day
Counters 59
Net Morale 1
Net Initiative 1
Maps 2: 111, 113
Layout Dimensions 56 x 43 cm
22 x 17 in
Play Bounty 166
AAR Bounty 163
Total Plays 1
Total AARs 1
Battle Types
Bridge Control
Kill Them All
Randomly-drawn Aircraft
Scenario Requirements & Playability
Counter Attack maps + counters

With their worst division having failed to dislodge the ROKs, the North Koreans next sent in one of their best: the 12th Division, formerly numbered 7th, had been the 165th Division of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army and had seen a great deal of action in Manchuria during the Chinese Civil War. The division had lost many of its original 14,000 Korean volunteers, but retained a hard core of dedicated party members and combat veterans.


Task Force P’ohang, an ad hoc unit made up of newly-formed regiments, had been ordered to advance northward. Instead it went onto the defensive and was quickly pushed back along with parts of the veteran Capital “Tiger” Division. The NKPA division surged forward virtually without artillery support, relying on small arms, automatic weapons and the inspiration of the dialectic. American F51’s from Yonil Airfield, almost on the front lines, provided near-constant air support; unimpressed, the North Korean troops brought down four of them with rifle and machine-gun fire.

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North Korea Order of Battle
South Korea Order of Battle
Daehanminguk Yuk-gun
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Korean War: Counter-Attack, scenario #19: Down the Mountain
Author JayTownsend
Method Solo
Victor Draw
Play Date 2017-06-11
Language English
Scenario KWCA019

Korean War: Counter-Attack, scenario #19: Down the Mountain

Another bloody ROK vs. NKPA scenario. Both sides get points for eliminating enemy steps with 75 Pack Howitzer counting double but the South Koreans also get two point for every bridge hex on map 111 they control and they will need that advantage with all the SMG units North Koreans bring to this action from the 12th Division.

The North Koreans decide enter from the north side on map 111 on both sides of the major river to avoid slowing up crossing the river and to attack from both sides at the same time but also send four steps and one leader down the north side of map 113 to maneuver round from the west of map 113 if the northern 111 map gets too clogged up. The South Koreans setup mostly defending every bridge hex on map 111 and on the northern hills on map 111 but are kind of spread-out. The ROKs must send the first two turns digging in and the NKPA will take about that much time before they pull adjacent to the most northern ROK units and one American airstrike helps the cause disrupting the most advance NKPA stack.

The South Koreans have terrain and town hexes they can use to their advantage but the North Koreans have the advantage of a larger force and better morale. The fighting goes on back and forth for the full 25 turns, the NKPA get eight points for eliminated enemy steps, the ROKs get four points for eliminated enemy steps and two points for still controlling one bridge hex for a total of eight North Korean to six South Korean points, ending in a draw as one side needed to win by four or more points just for a minor victory. The ROKs got a little lucky in the end with the dice just to persevere the Draw. Good action in this scenario and there should have been more eliminated steps on both sides but there was a lot of disruptions and demoralized steps.

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