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Who Attacks Whom?
Counter Attack #2
(Attacker) North Korea vs United States (Attacker)
Formations Involved

Overall balance chart for KWCA002
Side 1 0
Draw 0
Side 2 3
Overall Rating, 3 votes
Scenario Rank: --- of 607
Parent Game Counter Attack
Historicity Historical
Date 1950-08-07
Start Time 11:00
Turn Count 20
Visibility Day
Counters 63
Net Morale 0
Net Initiative 0
Maps 1: 115
Layout Dimensions 43 x 28 cm
17 x 11 in
Play Bounty 158
AAR Bounty 156
Total Plays 3
Total AARs 2
Battle Types
Meeting Engagement
Road Control
Off-board Artillery
Scenario Requirements & Playability
Counter Attack maps + counters

The Eighth Army’s attack plan placed the Marines on the far left flank of the Pusan Perimeter. They would take over the positions of the 27th Infantry Regiment and follow up the attack of the Army regiment to their right. As the Marines moved out, they found that the North Koreans had already infiltrated behind the Army battalion during the night and a confused meeting engagement erupted.


The confused fight eventually drew in troops from the Army’s 27th Infantry Regiment, which was supposed to be leaving the front. Meanwhile the sun beat down mercilessly, with 30 Marines falling with heat prostration but only five to enemy fire. Finally the Marines secured their new positions and drove off the North Koreans, but the NKPA had successfully kept the Marines from even launching their attack.

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AFV Rules Pertaining to this Scenario's Order of Battle
  • Vulnerable to results on the Assault Combat Chart (7.25, 7.63, ACC), and may be attacked by Anti-Tank fire (11.2, DFT). Anti-Tank fire only affects the individual unit fired upon (7.62, 11.0).

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North Korea Order of Battle
  • Motorized
United States Order of Battle
Marine Corps
  • Motorized

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Overall balance chart for 1466

The 8-3 Marine Infantry counter appears in most of the Saipan 1944 and Marianas 1944 scenarios, replacing the 10-3 DF valued Marine counters for those scenarios and is currently published in the most recent Saipan printing.

(JayTownsend on 2015 Dec 26)

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Death Valley Days
Author thomaso827
Method Solo
Victor United States
Play Date 2017-06-12
Language English
Scenario KWCA002

The NKPA enters from the north and the USMC enter from the south into a meeting engagement. USMC has a better firepower, better range and twice as many mortars, but the NKPA are pretty tough, with their 5 SMG platoons, those can hurt if they get close. The NKPA won the initiative but with only one action, so the NKPA major starts out with the whole force online except for the mortars, mounted in the single GAZ and lead by one of the poorer valued LTs in the force. The Marines have enough leadership to have every 2-platoon stack with a good leader, where the NKPA have to string out 3 stacks with no leaders, having to follow the leader. First thing, both sides mortars get in to good high ground positions on turn 1. The NKPA are stretched in line from one side to the other centered on the road, while the USMC comes in in 3 groups, lead by the LTC, Maj and the best of the Captains. As contact is made, the battles go from ranged fire to hand-to-hand, and the NKPA on the US left are losing badly, while the US center breaks and falls back, and the US right holds on, taking morale losses but inflicting step losses in return. The NKPA attacking in the center play a game of chase trying to catch the Marine LTC, the Major and the Sergeant that have managed to survive while losing several steps of troops. They swing around behind the US troops holding the US right and form a 3rd hex preparing to be assaulted with 2 platoons that have rallied and joined them. The Marines on the left wrap up and head east to join the fun on the US right, while dice rolls go very much in the Marine's favor in the 2 assaults going on. US arty and mortars seem to have bent tubes today while the NKPA have done enough damage to earn their rice and kimche, but it hasn't helped enough, and in the end, the US wins, 20 steps of NKPA losses to 13 Marine, a minor victory. Had the scenario depended on exit points, it probably would have been an NKPA win when the SMGs broke through the middle. Great game.

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Korean War: Counter-Attack, scenario #2: Who Attacks Whom?
Author JayTownsend
Method Solo
Victor United States
Play Date 2017-06-23
Language English
Scenario KWCA002

Korean War: Counter-Attack, scenario #2: Who Attacks Whom?

This is a straight forward meeting engagement with each side entering from the opposite ends, north or south and the battle and victory conditions are for the east-west road only, eliminated steps don’t matter. The first couple of turns the Initiative rolls are very important to trying to get your forces to the east-west road first. The North Koreans have one Gaz67 and the U.S. Marines have two Jeeps to race a few units ahead.

This was a slug it out adjacent combat type of battle. Casualties mounted on both sides and I didn’t keep track as they didn’t matter but the Marines have better fire-power for this type of scenario and wore down the NKPA for a minor victory, 13 road hexes to 6. I think if I would have pressed it a little more on the last two turns the Americans would have gotten a major victory.

Sure, a fun play but this is one scenario where I kind of dropped the ball a bit as a Designer, in the victory conditions, as I feel the Marines have a clear advantage. Maybe remove one or two of their WPN units to balance it out a little more. But still, the North Koreans have a chance if they don’t attack across the whole road as I did, as they are too weak for that kind or assault in this scenario. Either way, gaming to more fun than work!

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