Panzer Grenadier Battles on February 21st:
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An Army at Dawn #35 - Kasserine Pass: The Reports Were Wrong South Africa's War #3 - Battle on the Equator
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27th Regiment Drives North
Jungle Fighting #35
(Defender) Japan vs United States (Attacker)
Formations Involved
Japan 2nd "Courageous" Infantry Division
United States 27th Infantry Regiment

Overall balance chart for JuFi035
Side 1 1
Draw 0
Side 2 0
Overall Rating, 1 vote
Scenario Rank: --- of 608
Parent Game Jungle Fighting
Historicity Historical
Date 1943-01-25
Start Time 12:15
Turn Count 17
Visibility Day
Counters 92
Net Morale 0
Net Initiative 0
Maps 1: Guad-ME
Layout Dimensions 84 x 55 cm
33 x 22 in
Play Bounty 144
AAR Bounty 163
Total Plays 1
Total AARs 1
Battle Types
Rear Guard
Rural Assault
Off-board Artillery
Scenario Requirements & Playability
Battle of the Bulge counters
Guadalcanal maps + counters
Jungle Fighting book

The advance finally reached the point where the frontage to be fought over narrowed to the size only a single regiment could cover. On the morning of the 25th the advance continued again.


The Japanese coastal positions were easily overcome by the 3rd Battalion in their drive to the Poha. Inland the advance of 2nd Battalion was similarly successful. The Japanese positions south of the Poha were all overrun by the day's end.

Additional Notes

Elsenborn Ridge or Cassino '44 may be used for the U.S. units.

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JF#35 27th Regt. drives North-The last of the Thin Red Line Scenarios
Author PatC
Method Solo
Victor Japan
Play Date 2010-10-16
Language English
Scenario JuFi035

Note: Alert viewers of the latest movie will have noticed a jeep with markings of the 27th Regt pass through a scene, confirming that the TRL and these scenarios are one in the same. On turns 1-4 the Americans manuvered to get into attack positions with mixed results. The jungle terrain and fog of war teamed up to flustrate American activations. The U.S. advanced slowly thru 1315 on which turn the U.S. lost two steps. By 1400 the U.S. were finally getting their full strength to bear. The Japanese by now had lost 9 steps. By 1500 the Japanese position was degrading but they still held a winning position. The Japanese step loss by now was 14 steps. At 1600 with just 30 min. to go the U.S., with the exeption of Co. G were no were near the 12xx row. Despite having lost 14 steps the Japanese had managed to dig in along the 12xx row and were awaiting the American assault. On the Japanese right the U.S. had made no progress, in the center one Japanese position still held out. On the Japanese left along the road one strong position still held out. I only rated this scenario a 2 because of the fog of war modifier was too much for the U.S. and the time was too short in light of the leadership problems jungle activation presents.

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