Panzer Grenadier Battles on February 23rd:
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Overall balance chart for FrRu043
Side 1 1
Draw 0
Side 2 0
Overall Rating, 1 vote
Scenario Rank: --- of 609
Parent Game Fronte Russo
Historicity Historical
Date 1942-01-25
Start Time 06:30
Turn Count 16
Visibility Day
Counters 41
Net Morale 0
Net Initiative 0
Maps 2: 2, 5
Layout Dimensions 56 x 43 cm
22 x 17 in
Play Bounty 116
AAR Bounty 163
Total Plays 1
Total AARs 1
Battle Types
Kill Them All
Urban Assault
Severe Weather
Terrain Mods
Scenario Requirements & Playability
Battle of the Bulge counters
Eastern Front maps + counters
Fronte Russo counters

After capturing the small village of Voroshilova, the Legione Tagliamento was posted to defend it so that Hill 331.7 - immediately south of the village - could be duly fortified. Living conditions deteriorated rapidly as Soviet forces in the surrounding hills rained indirect fire on the village and launched repeated assaults. On January 20th, XVIII Bersaglieri Battalion replaced the Blackshirts, but a Soviet attack on the 23rd forced them to withdraw from the village. Although Hill 331.7's defenses were now complete, the exhausted Bergaslieri were asked to retake the infamous village with help from a company of the Blackshirt 79th Legion and a German paratrooper support weapon company.


The Bersaglieri failed to achieve surprise because heavy snow delayed their advance. The attack made some initial progress, but the Soviet defenders were determined and much stronger than the Italians had expected. After significant losses the Italians had to withdraw. No further attempts were ever made to take the village, and since Soviets couldn't use it either (due to its vulnerability to indirect fire) it became a no-man's land.

Additional Notes

This is a bonus scenario, available for download from Avalanche Press at:

The game designer suggests the following optional change: The town on Map 2 is larger than Voroshilova. For players wanting a more accurate representation of the battlefield, substitute Map 38 (from Kursk, South Flank) for Map 2. It should be placed upside-down so that the map number is in the southeast corner. Woods hexes should be considered as light woods and the town hexes of the small (two-hex) town do not exist.

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Germany Order of Battle
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  • Foot
Italy Order of Battle
Milizia Volontaria per la Sicurezza Nazionale
Regio Esercito
  • Towed
Soviet Union Order of Battle
Army (RKKA)

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Overall balance chart for 39

Reduce strength direct fire value be came 5-5 in Army at Dawn.

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The reduced direct fire value in Kursk: Burning Tigers is 4-4.

(plloyd1010 on 2015 Jul 31)

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Fronto Russo Bonus scenario #43 Voroshilova Struggle
Author PatC
Method Solo
Victor Germany, Italy
Play Date 2010-12-10
Language English
Scenario FrRu043

The setup for both players is restricted. On the first turn all units of both sides, except the Russian mortars, made a dash for town using the road when possible due to the deep snow. By 0700 the axis had made contact with the Russian units in the town, advancing on the Russian flanks. By this time there were 4 platoons of Russian infantry right out side of town. Both sides had felt the effect of enemy artillery with each side suffering a number of disruptions and demoralizations including a step lost for the axis. By 0800 the Axis made an assault into the town. The assault on the right was inconclusive and the assault on the left flank got a bloody nose. Axis artillery kept further Russian reenforcements from getting into the town. For the next couple of turns the Axis attempted to recover from their initial reverse and bring up more of the platoons that had been disrupted in the initial advance. The assault on the right then started to pick up steam. Then at 0830 a special event took 7 Russian inf steps and 2 Hmg steps and a Leader out of the game. This was the turning point, although it was not evident at that time. The Russians were doing well at the moment and had repulsed a second assault on the Russian right flank. They then had counterattacked a previously untouched Axis stack with a 10-0-1 leader and a Blackshirt Hmg and a Bersagliere Inf. The result was a step loss for the Russians with the whole stack becoming demorialized and the Russian leader eliminated. Disaster! In the last two turns the Russians lost an additional 6 steps in assaults, suffering step losses and double demorializations. The final score was Axis 13 Russians 7. A Axis minor victory. This was a interesting scenario but it is heavily weighted to the Allies. Had the whole Russian force entered the town there was no way the Italians could dig them out. For the Italians to win everything must go perfect. Their artillery must stop Russian reenforcement of the town and they must win all of their assaults. Which is more or less what happened with a few bumps in the road. Even with the lack of reenforcements the Russians could have and should have won. Had they not counter attacked with an assault when they did and just hunkered down, the Axis would have had to attack at a disadvantage.

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