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Desert Rats #8 - Cavalleria
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Fronte Russo #25
(Attacker) Germany
(Attacker) Italy
vs Soviet Union (Defender)
Formations Involved
Germany 198th Infantry Division
Germany 308th Grenadier Regiment
Italy 3ยช Divizione Celere "Principe Amadeo Duca d'Aosta"
Soviet Union 216th Rifle Division

Overall balance chart for FrRu025
Side 1 0
Draw 0
Side 2 2
Overall Rating, 2 votes
Scenario Rank: --- of 609
Parent Game Fronte Russo
Historicity Historical
Date 1942-07-13
Start Time 16:00
Turn Count 12
Visibility Day
Counters 36
Net Morale 0
Net Initiative 2
Maps 2: 2, 5
Layout Dimensions 86 x 28 cm
34 x 11 in
Play Bounty 113
AAR Bounty 156
Total Plays 2
Total AARs 2
Battle Types
Hill Control
Off-board Artillery
Scenario Requirements & Playability
Eastern Front maps + counters
Fronte Russo counters

Offensive actions in the Italian sector started on 11 July. After a relatively easy initial breakthrough, Celere Division reached a second Soviet defensive line in front of the town of Ivanovka. This time the position was well manned, with entrenched Soviet troops behind minefields, barbed wire and other fixed obstacles. According to the Axis plan of attack, the first position to be taken was fortified hill (Hill 360.2) dominating the town. The commander of the German 217th Regiment, operating on the Italian right flank, met Colonello Salvatores and asked for artillery support for the German battalian that was to attack the position. Salvatores agreed and also offered a company of Bersaglieri to fight beside the Germans. Action started at 1600.


The German frontal assault went nowhere against the Soviet static defenses, and when the Italians started taking damage from enemy indirect fire, their commander took the initiative and ordered his men to attack. The Bersaglieri stormed the hill from the northwest and soon took it, and surviving Soviets were forced to withdraw to Ivanovka. In his memoirs Georg Grossjohan, commander of one of the German companies involved, writes: "The Italians, by the way, proved themselves to be quite worthy battle partners during the attack on the strongly fortified Soviet position."

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3 Errata Items
Overall balance chart for 20

The reduced direct fire value of the Heer HMG became 5-5 starting with Fall of France.

(plloyd1010 on 2015 Jul 31)
Overall balance chart for 63

The morale and combat modifiers of German Sergeant #1614 should be "0", not "8".

(Shad on 2010 Dec 15)
Overall balance chart for 951

The reduced direct fire value in Kursk: Burning Tigers is 4-4.

(plloyd1010 on 2015 Jul 31)

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Or lack thereof...
Author Matt W
Method Solo
Victor Soviet Union
Play Date 2012-09-22
Language English
Scenario FrRu025

An entrenched Soviet hilltop, surrounded by a minefiled awaits an assault by a slightly larger, mixed German and Itlaian force. The Italians have slightly better morale but they are only in company strength. The Soviets have massed artillery being able to throw 42, 30, 30, 36 and 16 factor barrages each turn.

The goal of the Axis force is to gain a foothold on the hill. The Soviets, of course, want to keep them off. With only a 12 turn scenario there isn't time for the Axis to try turning movements, etc. This is a simple go at 'em scenario.

Of course, if your Germans end up hung up in the minefields, losing steps becoming demoralized and getting hammered with artillery, eventually losing 14 of the 16 steps that they started with you can imagine the results. This was a slaughter. I pushed the Axis much harder than I think they would have once they recognized the incredible amount of artillery fire available to the Soviets.

The Italians did much better, relatively, keeping 1/2 of their force alive but the Soviets didn't lose a step and only had a couple of entrenched units become demoralized but through solid recovery efforts they ended the scenario in good order. They hardly had the chance to shoot their weapons during the scenario.

Admittedly the Axis rolled terribly and the Soviets rolled marvelously to create this result. I would expect it to be closer in reality but the Soviet artillery is huge for this size of scenario. I give it a "3" because it shows how the Soviets could hold a position against a superior enemy something you don't see in EFDx or any of the earlier war scenarios.

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How Does One Say "Run Away!" in Italian and German?
Author Poor Yorek
Method Solo
Victor Soviet Union
Play Date 2014-03-15
Language English
Scenario FrRu025

This scenario is a Soviet artilleryman's dream come true.

A company of Italian Bersaglieri and two companies of (low morale) Heer infantry boot it across ~1200m of open terrain to assault a fortified (3 x entrenchments) hill almost entirely encircled by a row of mines. One insignificant change: as I could not find a Soviet tube with a 16 BF value, I "counted" the 2x16 Soviet OBA factors as 2x15 treating them as 107mm units. Even so, the Stalinists could throw:

10+20 = 30 attack

10+10+15 = 30 attack

10+10+15 = 30 attack

12+12 = 21 attack (the 120mm mortars)

8+16 = 16 attack (the 82mm mortars).

As the Axis side's OBA was spotted by Italian leaders only, initial Russian targeting was directed towards Italian leaders.

The Axis forces were simply slaughtered on approach and this despite taking the precaution of spreading out units one per hex. German leadership was good, but the 7/6 morale base was a liability. By Turn Four, three Axis steps had been lost; 7 units were demoralized; another was disrupted; and the Italian capitano demoralized. On the subsequent turn, the only Italian units that survived approach crossed a minefield; got stopped; then hit by a '2' on the 16-col from OF by a single Soviet INF. This was after the single favorable Axis event, which was demoralizing the RKKA HMG in the same entrenchment. On the German side, demoralizations and recovery failures had the Heer companies scattered and in shambles.

It was pretty much the French taunting Arthur and his Knights. How do you say "runaway" in Italian and German?

The Hitler Jugend might have survived this approach with their 9/8 morale, but this scenario reminded me a bit of a few plays from Winter Soldiers with the US having the VT proximity fuse OBA going.

I think only very prolonged "average" rolling by the Soviets (or having TheDoctor roll the Axis morale checks) would possibly allow the Axis even a foothold, much less an opportunity for victory here. So, meh.

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