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Assault Division
Eastern Front #65
(Defender) Germany vs Soviet Union (Attacker)
Formations Involved
Germany 78th Infantry Division
Soviet Union 2nd Guards "Tamanskaya" Motor Rifle Division

Overall balance chart for EFDx065
Side 1 3
Draw 0
Side 2 0
Overall Rating, 4 votes
Scenario Rank: --- of 609
Parent Game Eastern Front
Historicity Historical
Date 1941-09-07
Start Time 06:30
Turn Count 44
Visibility Day
Counters 97
Net Morale 1
Net Initiative 0
Maps 4: 3, 4, 6, 7
Layout Dimensions 86 x 56 cm
34 x 22 in
Play Bounty 93
AAR Bounty 156
Total Plays 3
Total AARs 2
Battle Types
Covering Action
Enter & Exit
Kill Them All
Off-board Artillery
Terrain Mods
Scenario Requirements & Playability
Eastern Front maps + counters

With the Germans reeling back out the Yelnia Salient, the Soviets sensed that a serious push could result in a major victory. The 78th "Assault" Division scrambled to form a new line northwest of Yelnia where the 263rd Infantry Division had collapsed a few days before, but Soviet tanks were bearing down on them.


The Soviet attack shredded the German positions, and the 107th pushed forward to try to cut off other German formations fleeing their now-exposed positions in the salient. In recognition of this feat and subsequent performance in the Moscow offensive, the 107th would be re-named 2nd Moscow Guards Motorized Division in January.

Display Relevant AFV Rules

AFV Rules Pertaining to this Scenario's Order of Battle
  • Vulnerable to results on the Assault Combat Chart (7.25, 7.63, ACC), and may be attacked by Anti-Tank fire (11.2, DFT). Anti-Tank fire only affects the individual unit fired upon (7.62, 11.0).
  • AFV's are activated by tank leaders (3.2, 3.3, 5.42, 6.8). They may also be activated as part of an initial activating stack, but if activated in this way would need a tank leader in order to carry out combat movement.
  • AFV's do not block Direct Fire (10.1).
  • Full-strength AFV's with "armor efficiency" may make two anti-tank (AT) fire attacks per turn (either in their action segment or during opportunity fire) if they have AT fire values of 0 or more (11.2).
  • Each unit with an AT fire value of 2 or more may fire at targets at a distance of between 100% and 150% of its printed AT range. It does so at half its AT fire value. (11.3)
  • Efficient and non-efficient AFV's may conduct two opportunity fires per turn if using direct fire (7.44, 7.64). Units with both Direct and AT Fire values may use either type of fire in the same turn as their opportunity fire, but not both (7.22, 13.0). Units which can take opportunity fire twice per turn do not have to target the same unit both times (13.0).
  • Demoralized AFV's are not required to flee from units that do not have AT fire values (14.3).
  • Place a Wreck marker when an AFV is eliminated in a bridge or town hex (16.3).
  • AFV's do not benefit from Entrenchments (16.42).
  • AFV's may Dig In (16.2).
  • Closed-top AFV's: Immune to M, M1 and M2 results on Direct and Bombardment Fire Tables. Do not take step losses from Direct or Bombardment Fire. If X or #X result on Fire Table, make M morale check instead (7.25, 7.41, 7.61, BT, DFT).
  • Closed-top AFV's: Provide the +1 modifier on the Assault Table when combined with infantry. (Modifier only applies to Germans in all scenarios; Soviet Guards in scenarios taking place after 1942; Polish, US and Commonwealth in scenarios taking place after 1943.) (ACC)
  • Tank: all are closed-top and provide the +1 Assault bonus, when applicable
  • Assault Gun: if closed-top, provide the +1 Assault bonus, when applicable

Display Order of Battle

Germany Order of Battle
  • Mechanized
  • Towed
Soviet Union Order of Battle
Army (RKKA)
  • Mechanized

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5 Errata Items
Scen 65

This scenario has river crossing numbers and a major river, but no engineers! (see Rule 5.7: major rivers can only be crossed at bridges or with engineer assistance). Let all units attempt to cross as if an engineer were there (boats, fords, pre-planned wading attempts, etc.) using the crossing numbers as if an engineer were present.

(Shad on 2010 Apr 29)
Overall balance chart for 20

The reduced direct fire value of the Heer HMG became 5-5 starting with Fall of France.

(plloyd1010 on 2015 Jul 31)
Overall balance chart for 54

The movement allowance on the counters in Airborne is misprinted. It should be "3."

(rerathbun on 2012 Jan 30)
Overall balance chart for 951

The reduced direct fire value in Kursk: Burning Tigers is 4-4.

(plloyd1010 on 2015 Jul 31)
Overall balance chart for 993

Kommissars never get morale or combat modifiers. Ignore misprints.

(Shad on 2010 Dec 15)

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Artillery is nice; Assaults are better.
Author gulatum (13)
Method Dual Table Setup + Voice Chat
Victor Germany
Participants davidthedad (AAR)
Play Date 2012-05-07
Language English
Scenario EFDx065

I initially set up thinking that I had to defend the bridge to the north. I cannot stress how important it is to read the scenario specific directions! That having been said, I think the best thing I did during the entire game was taking the big town on the northwest board during the first turn of the game. This kept the Russians out and effectively blinded them as to the disposition of a good number of my troops. Secondly, knowing that the Germans cannot hold the entire front, it was necessary to set up several decent size battle groups. One was (stupidly) intended to die defending the non-existent bridge to the northeast; a second took the big town to the northwest, a third held the little town; and a fourth was kept far back on the southern road as a reaction group to blunt any Russian penetrations- but these guys never even made it into action. The majority of the Russian infantry came for the lightly defended field on the northwest board- but their tanks were distracted by the Germans near the missing bridge. When the Germans from the two towns converged on the two flanks of the Russian thrust into the field, they inflicted massive casualties through assault combat on the Russians.

The greatest weapon in the German arsenal is NOT the Sturmgeschutz III, nor is it the AT guns. It's the Russian's uncertainty about where exactly the AT guns are. Is it on that hill? In the woods? If the Russian had scouted a bit more before committing to an attack on any specific sector, I am sure things would have gone differently.

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Break the rules and you lose.
Author davidthedad (39)
Method Dual Table Setup + Voice Chat
Victor Germany
Participants gulatum (AAR)
Play Date 2012-05-07
Language English
Scenario EFDx065

The basic rules for the soviets are attack in mass, stay together, lead with the infantry followed by the tanks smgs and hmgs right behind. Stayaway from assualts until everyone has arrived. Wait, Wait, and Wait for the moment to come. otherwise use your spades to dig your own graves.

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