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Eastern Front #6
(Attacker) Germany vs Soviet Union (Defender)
Formations Involved
Germany 221st Security Division
Soviet Union 13th Rifle Division

Overall balance chart for EFDx006
Side 1 4
Draw 0
Side 2 19
Overall Rating, 21 votes
Scenario Rank: 504 of 608
Parent Game Eastern Front
Historicity Historical
Date 1941-06-22
Start Time 07:00
Turn Count 28
Visibility Day
Counters 36
Net Morale 0
Net Initiative 1
Maps 2: 4, 6
Layout Dimensions 56 x 43 cm
22 x 17 in
Play Bounty 48
AAR Bounty 102
Total Plays 23
Total AARs 10
Battle Types
Kill Them All
Off-board Artillery
Scenario Requirements & Playability
Eastern Front maps + counters

Germans plans for their sneak attack on the Soviet Union called for the Red Army's 5th Rifle Corps, stationed west of Bialystok, to be left alone while tank forces surrounded it. But Lt. Gen. Johann Pflugbeil (or perhaps some overzealous subordinate) could not bear to be left out of the grand operations, and part of the 221st Security Division went forward. Intended for occupation duties (a sinister implication in the Jewish-dominated Bialystok district), the 221st had no artillery and few heavy weapons, these not being necessary against unarmed opponents.


In one of the few Soviet successes on this darkest of days, the 13th Rifle smashed the disjointed attacks and held its positions. But lacking orders to do anything else, the division stayed in its assembly areas until the 24th, when it began a belated withdrawal. By then it was much too late, and the 13th Rifle Division had ceased to exist by the end of the month-no thanks to the German security men.

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Overall balance chart for 20

The reduced direct fire value of the Heer HMG became 5-5 starting with Fall of France.

(plloyd1010 on 2015 Jul 31)
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The reduced direct fire value in Kursk: Burning Tigers is 4-4.

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Rotunda victoria soviética
Author enrique
Method Solo
Victor Soviet Union
Play Date 2010-10-15
Language Español
Scenario EFDx006

Un batallón alemán perteneciente a la 221 División de Seguridad ataca a un batallón reforzado de la 13ª División de Fusileros soviética. Las fuerzas alemanas no son de primera calidad, en particular los líderes. El combate tiene lugar el 22 de junio de 1941.

Los alemanes se dirigen hacia las fuerzas soviéticas, que están desplegadas en un bosque. Los alemanes forman una línea a una distancia suficiente para agredir con su fuego al enemigo sin que la infantería de éste pueda alcanzarles. (La disciplina de fuego de los alemanes y su alcance es superior) Sin embargo la línea alemana queda al alcance de las HMG soviéticas (tres secciones). El intercambio de fuego beneficia a los soviéticos. Unidades alemanas desmoralizadas se van retirando a una ciudad próxima, donde intentan recuperarse.

Dos compañías soviéticas atacan la ciudad y se traba un intenso combate. Los soviéticos ocupan casi toda la ciudad y la mayoría de las unidades alemanas la abandonan desmoralizadas. Al mismo tiempo, los restos de la línea alemana sigue siendo blanco de fuego enemigo.

Al final la victoria soviética parece inevitable y los alemanes se retiran después de cerca de seis horas de combates. Los alemanes han perdido efectivos equiparables a dos secciones. El resto de sus fuerzas ha sufrido un grave quebranto moral. Los soviéticos no han sufrido pérdidas significativas.

Victoria soviética sin paliativos.

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Author ermj1986
Method Solo
Victor Germany
Play Date 2009-01-24
Language English
Scenario EFDx006

22 June 1941

German plans for their sneak attack on the Soviet Union called for the Red Army’s 5th Rifle Corps, stationed west of Bialystok, to be left alone while tank forces surrounded it. But Lt. General Johann Pflugbeil could not bear to be left out of the grand operations, and part of the 221st Security Division went forward. Intended for occupational duties, the 221st had no artillery and few heavy weapons, these not being necessary against unarmed opponents.


The Soviet troops will deploy on the western edge of the wooded terrain on both sides of the main road. Four platoons will set up on the road in between the to sections of wood and dig in. The 82mm will deploy in the woods on the northern side of the road out of harm’s way, where they can take shots on the advancing troops.

The German troops will advance toward the Soviet position with the objective of engaging in assault combat. The defenders will likely take advantage of the terrain which will make this more difficult. The German forces have no artillery support or mortars, so this will be dangerous.

From 7:00 am to 7:30 ten infantry platoons and an HMG unit march eastward toward the Soviet positions. The Soviet HMG’s on their right flank fires ineffectively on the first infantry to spot them. At 7:45 a German Sniper takes a shot at a high morale Soviet captain but misses.

8:00. The German’s are closing in on the Soviet position in the woods. One platoon becomes demoralized and one becomes disrupted from Opportunity Fire by the Soviet HMG’s.

8:15. The Luftwaffe makes an appearance and a flight of Stukas becomes available. The Soviets retain initiative and activate first. The Soviet HMG’s fire at nearly pointblank range but the German troops pass their morale checks. A German Lieutenant 0-9-0 assaults the HMG with two infantry platoons. The Soviets pass their morale check. Soviet off-board artillery manages to leave a German infantry platoon on the 221st right disrupted. The Stukas fly a successful air barrage against the Soviet infantry to the south of the HMG’s.

8:30. A German sniper hits the Soviet 1-10-1 Captain. The German assault against the HMG continues but produces no results. Both sides exchange fire to no avail, while the Germans continue to bring up their right flank. Soviet mortars and off-board artillery also fire but with no real effect.

8:45. The Germans have initiative again. The assault goes on and the Soviet HMG becomes disrupted. Soviet artillery manages to demoralize the Germans only HMG unit. Otherwise, the rest of the fire is ineffective.

9:00. The Soviets win initiative. Soviet artillery is ineffective. As the assault continues, two German infantry platoons become demoralized. The German HMG flees as a result of its demoralization.

9:15-10:00. By 09:30 the German assault against the Soviet HMG in the woods starts to render results. The HMG takes a step loss and the turn ends early with Fog of War. By 09:45 the Soviet HMG is eliminated as fresh infantry moves into the assault hex for a second push. At this point the Soviets have lost two steps and a Captain, while the Germans have taken negligible hits.

At 10:00 a German Major with three platoons fires at the adjacent Soviet infantry platoon in the woods. As a result, the infantry loses a step and becomes demoralized along with the Soviet 0-6-0 Lieutenant. Failing to recover morale, the troops flee deeper into the woods, and the officer goes with the demoralized infantry platoon. Again the turn ends prematurely with Fog of War.


At 10:15, the Soviet Lieutenant 0-6-0 recovers his morale but his 2-2 infantry platoon fails. As German infantry advances along the right, one of the infantry platoons takes a step loss. Then Fog of War ends the turn. At 10:30, the Soviet HMG on the southern side of the woods disrupts a German 3-3 infantry platoon. Meanwhile, in the German rear, the HMG finally rallies.

By 10:45 the Soviets have lost 3 steps and a leader, and the Germans have lost one step. With a 2 activation initiative, the German forces make two assaults in the woods. This leaves the Soviet 0-6-0 Lt. disrupted. Four German infantry platoons advance toward the southern edge of the woods preparing to assault the Soviet HMG and infantry platoon. The Soviet 82mm mortars respond and demoralize one of the German platoons. In the north section of woods, the Soviet 2-2 is destroyed attempting to flee the enemy assault. The Soviet 0-6-0 Lt. manages to escape.

At 11:00, the Soviets swipe the initiative and snag the German plans for assault. The HMG and infantry fire pointblank at the German infantry and manage to destroy two steps and demoralize two platoons. The Captain 0-10-1 is disrupted. He recovers but flees with his two infantry platoons that remain demoralized. Unfortunately, they are both destroyed by Soviet Off-Board Artillery fire. At this point, the Soviets have lost 4 steps and a leader while the Germans have lost 5 steps. The Germans counter by launching two assaults in the northern part of the woods and demoralize a 4-2 infantry platoon and disrupt another.


At this point the Soviets have lost 4 steps and one leader lowering their initiative to 0. The Germans have lost 5 steps lowering their initiative to one. At 11:15, the German Major 0-9-1 and Lt. 0-9-1 assault the Soviets with three platoons. The Soviet HMG holds up under fire and leaves the German infantry disrupted or demoralized. Along the center of the woods’ western edge, the Germans launch another assault against a demoralized Soviet 4-2 infantry platoon. The Soviet unit is completely destroyed. [Soviet step losses:6 Leader loss:1].

At 11:30 the Soviet HMG recovers its morale. The Germans assault Soviet infantry [4-2] in the woods north of the main road. Then two infantry platoons and an HMG advances with a German Captain 0-10-0. Soviet Off-Board Artillery disrupts one of the German infantry platoons.

11:45. The German force gains initiative by two activations and launches assaults on the defending Soviet forces. The Soviet HMG is reduced by a step and suffers demoralization along with the officer in charge. The Soviets rally attempt fails and the HMG flees along with the Lt. 0-7-0, but to no avail. The HMG is destroyed by enemy fire and the Lieutenant is also killed. [Soviet step losses: 8 Leaders:2 German Steps: 5] The Germans continue to assault the enemy in the woods. The German Lt. that is leading the charge becomes demoralized along with the infantry platoon.

At 12:00 both sides exchange fire and miss. Soviet off-board artillery is completely ineffective as is the 82 mm mortars. Both sides make recovery attempts with partial success.

12:15. Both sides continue to attempt recovery of their morale. Both sides’ Direct Fire and Bombardment is largely ineffective. At 12:30, the Germans gain a two activation initiative and assault a Soviet 4-2 platoon. The Soviet infantry loses a step and becomes demoralized. One German 5-3 infantry is disrupted and the other is demoralized. [Soviet step losses:9 Leaders:2 German Steps:5] The Soviet 2-2 infantry fails its rally attempt and flees deeper into the woods. Somehow it escapes without cover. At 12:45, both sides resort to direct fire and bombardment with no effect. Most of the German troops recover to good order.

1:00. The German forces have two initiative activations. The Captain 0-10-1 and LT. 0-9-1 order three platoons and an HMG to use direct fire against the Soviet 7-4 HMG and its Lt. 0-7-0. As a result, the Soviet machinegun unit and the Lt. become demoralized. Soviet Off-board artillery rains fire on the Germans and disrupts a 5-3 infantry platoon, which pulls back.

At 1:15, the Germans continue with plus two initiative. The Captain and Lt. combine again for more direct fire on the Soviet HMG [demoralized.] This time, the HMG takes a step loss, and a further demoralization. It is eliminated. [Soviet Steps:10, Leaders lost: 2; German losses: 5]

The Soviet Lieutenant 0-7-0 fails to recover and flees deeper into the woods. Soviet off-board artillery fires on the German infantry but they all pass their morale checks with the aid of the Captain 0-10-1.

At 1:30, the German Lt. 0-9-0 assaults the Soviet 2-2 infantry which becomes demoralized. The Soviet Lt. 0-6-0 advances into the assault hex with two 4-2 platoons to rescue the beleaguered infantry. The 2-2 [demoralized] fails to recover and flees under the cover of the two fresh infantry platoons. Soviet Off-board artillery disrupts the German Captain 0-10-1.

1:45. The Soviets counterassault the German troops in the woods, which are outnumbered, two platoons to one. Both the German 0-9-0 Lieutenant and the 5-3 infantry platoon become disrupted. Off-board artillery fire hits a stack of German units in the open but they all pass their morale check. With that the scenario ends.

The victory conditions are fairly simple in this scenario. The side with the most step losses loses. The Soviets have lost 10 steps and two leaders, while the Germans have lost 5 steps, giving them better than a 2-1 victory. A couple of random events played a role, especially the two sniper attacks. The second took out the Soviet Captain which lowered his side’s initiative early on.

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Insecurites - Eastern Front Deluxe Scenario 6
Author vince hughes (13)
Method Face to Face
Victor Germany
Participants unknown
Play Date 2010-04-22
Language English
Scenario EFDx006

Short AAR for a very straight-forward and perhaps beginners scenario.

A battalion from the 221st advanced forwards, supported by a platoon of heavy machine-guns against he flank of the Soviet infantry of the 13th Rifle Division that were positioned in a heavily wooded area. Withstanding the light artillery bombardments thrown at them, the German security troops were able to deploy, after an hours advance, in a strong fire-line against their enemy. Soon after opening up against the Russians, casualties were inflicted upon them and whipped the Soviets into forming for a counter-attack. A company from the 13th Rifle Division made a frontal assault against the HMG platoon, and suffering 75 casualties, were thrown back in disorder.

This did not deter the Russians, they formed again and steadied their lines. This proved useful, as the euphoric German commander pushed forward elements of infantry against what he thought was a demoralised foe and instantly received a rebuff as the Soviet infantry cut down the Germans in short order. Unfortunately for the Russians, this had come near the end of the encounter, and as the Germans drifted away from the area, the Soviets would count 150 of their own men as casualties. The Germans lost about half this number and could count themselves the victors in this low level skirmish.

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Fought like....... Security guards at Walmart!
Author Leeboy24
Method Solo
Victor Soviet Union
Play Date 2012-09-04
Language English
Scenario EFDx006

This is my first AAR and also first completed PG scenario. I chose Insecurities because of its low counter and relatively straight forward victory conditions. Also I only had to concentrate on infantry combat and hence forth less rules(armor) to deal with. Basically the Germans did not have a lot going for them, although I was able to draw a couple of good leaders even with the handicap of having to pick two of the weakest. The Russians with their superior firepower and indirect fire support proved to much for the German attack. I tried to position the German forces as close to the Russians as possible using the Forrest and small village has cover. When the assault began the Germans had to endure withering opportunity fire from the Russian machine guns. To make matters worse the Russian colonel was able to combine op fire with devastating results. Eventually I was able to close with the Russians and through assault combat, the Germans did inflict some damage. But in the end the Russians held the line and even counterattacked although in the process taking more damage then needed to be taken. The Germans though valiant in their attempt, should of stuck to the game plan and not attacked with the odds stacked against them like they were.

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First newbie solo play! The Germans are drawn into the woods...
Author Gorgoneion
Method Solo
Victor Soviet Union
Play Date 2012-10-12
Language English
Scenario EFDx006

The Germans advanced to the hill up north, a couple of mortar bombardments broke a platoon. The Germans amassed behind the hill, trying to take the flank of the Russians which were entrenched in the northern and southern woods in map 6.

As soon as the Germans went over the hill, the HMGs barked without much effect. The Germans got at 3 hexes from the woods, while the German HMG positioned on top of the hill.

The Russians at that point, instead of firing, retreated deep into the woods, and when that happened I knew that I could never win with the Germans. The Germans followed, but they were completely outnumbered, at which point I conceded as the Germans.

2012-10-12 18:38

Welcome to the games.

I notice in your profile you like to play Vassal or Skype. There are many of us that play via Skype, including many in Europe. Take a look at the player finder and you should spot some players.

2012-10-12 19:05

Hello and thank you. :)

I was contacted by an other player already and he's walking me through the system. He actually suggested that I tried this first scenario!

Hope I'll get more in the system and enjoy it for years to come. :)

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A Local Victory and the Germans Sent Packing
Author Bangla
Method Solo
Victor Soviet Union
Play Date 2013-07-28
Language English
Scenario EFDx006

My first proper solo venture after a few training exercises. The Russians have the advantage in terms of numbers, plus given the artillery support the onus is on the Germans to come forward and attack them.

I set up the Russians in the woods to the east, with two HMG's and several infantry on the edge of the northern wood, and some infantry, an HMG and the mortar on the edge of the southern wood. If the Germans went one way or the other, there would be time for the Russians to move from one wood to the other.

As it was, once the Germans reached the town, I split them with half the infantry and the HMG heading north, whilst the rest moved to the wood immediately to their front ready to move across the open ground towards the Russians. The main effort was to be in the north, where the Germans would outflank the Russians on thewestern edge of the wood and enter the woods themselves from the northeast. The southern thrust was held back, more to simply pin the rest of the Russians in the southern wood.

The Russian artillery was ineffective and even a couple of Russian snipers failed to kill any German leaders. The Russians also received some air support which did slow up some of the Germans to the north, yet the Germans almost managed to reach the north-eat corner of the wood ahead of the Russians retreating through the woods to prevent them. However, some opportunity fire proved deadly as the lead German units were halted just outside. This possibly saved the day for the Russians as they were able to pour more fire into the Germans from close range whilst they tried to recover. Eventually, the Germans did manage to enter the woods but, given their disrupted status, were assaulted by the Russians to great effect.

With the Germans losing steps and becoming demoralised in the north, the southern troops had to make an attack of their own to save the situation. But again, Russian opportunity fire as they closed was deadly, and the Germans never reached the defenders in the woods before they had to retreat.

Definitely a scenario in favour of the Russians, it was a great learning scenario. Before I start to mix things up with heavier weapons and vehicles, I'm gonna move on to "Forgotten Isthmus" and give the Romanians a whirl.

Footnote: I think in future the Russians should probably deploy in the middle of the woods so they can more easily react to whichever direction the attack is likely to come from. But they already have enough of an advantage anyway.

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Occupational hazards
Author Brett Nicholson
Method Solo
Victor Soviet Union
Play Date 2013-12-11
Language English
Scenario EFDx006

An interesting scenario with both sides having equally appalling morale ratings. From the start I really thought this one could go either way. My Soviet strategy was to send some of the units out away from the eastern forests to try to get a foothold in the town before it became swarmed and infested by German troops from the 221st Security Division. Initially I thought that may had been a mistake and early on, the Soviets took two INF step losses at 07:45/turn 4. Not the best way to start out. However, a Soviet Captain and 2 INF did manage to gain control of one of the town hexes before the rest of them became German occupied. In the end this one town hex would continue to resist German assaults; constantly being rallied and reinforced.

It seemed that despite the low German morale and despairing mix of leaders (none of them possessing any morale modifiers) that the town could be easily held and that forcing the Soviets to attack would work in Germany's favor. After all, they were already 2 step losses ahead for victory conditions and all they had to do was wait it out and surely the one Soviet town hex would eventually give under pressure. Well, initially the German urban assault did get some results but no matter what, they could not drive the reds out! By 09:15/turn 10, both sides had inflicted equal amounts of step losses and the battle had reached a stalemate. Also, around this time, almost all other Soviet units had transfered from the eastern forests to the southern wooded area below the town, proceeding with caution but waiting for the right moments of opportunity. Every time Soviet units took step losses or failed morale checks in the one town hex they controlled another Soviet INF was able to slip in and reinforce it.

The turning point came during one German assault attempt that totally backfired leaving the attackers with one demoralized INF and two disrupted ones in the hex. Then, at 11:30/turn 19, the Soviets get the initiative and counterattack inflicting 3 German INF step losses in the town hex, tipping the scales in their favor. From then on, being ahead by 4 step losses the Soviets took more risks and all of their gambles paid off. Now the Germans were the ones on the defense and their morale in every way continued to break. Soon demoralized German units were literally fleeing the town in every possible direction and by the battle's end only the German Major and two units were left in the far western area of the town contemplating their doom. So at 13:45/turn 28 it was a clear and decisive Soviet victory with losses at:

Germany: LT 9-0-0, 11 INF and 2 HMG. Soviet Union: 4 INF.

I had no idea starting out that this battle would end up turning into one long and bitter urban assault. I did not originally intend to commit all the Soviet units to attempt to take the town or even go on the offensive but slowly and with less and less abandon that's what resulted. The Soviets did have a few good leaders, especially the Colonel with a 10-1-1 rating and that must of helped a lot. I don't know what went wrong with the German security forces, it seemed that in the beginning they had everything in order but they could not get any further than the town or keep it under control. I imagine in a lot of plays that most of the fighting takes place in the wooded areas and that the Soviets stay on the defensive but in this case they rolled on in to town and sent the hun packing.

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Come & get it
Author CricketHawk
Method Solo
Victor Soviet Union
Play Date 2014-09-07
Language English
Scenario EFDx006

This was an enjoyable, small scenario with chances for both sides & alternative strategies.

Soviets deployed along treeline with mortar in the middle & reserves back in the woods. Germans came onto the map from the southwest corner to minimize spotting exposure & get to the grove or trees south of town. Soviet indict fire effectively delayed some of these units which continued as spotting officer moved into town to direct artillery on units exposed behind the woods. German units ran across the southern edge to reach the woods to attempt to flank the soviet position through cover. Artillery fire effectively stalled this advance. Soviet forces rolled off the Soviet right to redeploy south & greet the oncoming Germans.

Germans had some success in the south east corner of the woods, but superior Soviet forces poured in steady enough to drive off the Germans & do enough damage to secure a victory.

One Soviet error was to not send a combat unit into the town with the spotter. That simple change would've forced back the demoralized Germans suffering artillary shell-shock & slowed the German advance more effectively. A German error was crossing too few units at a time through the open. Moving as many forces as possible at a time would've reduced the total exposure to artillery and given greater firepower availability to German forces on arrival at the woods.

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Soviets first victory
Author campsawyer
Method Solo
Victor Soviet Union
Play Date 2005-05-13
Language English
Scenario EFDx006

This scenario is one the Soviets have the greatest chance of victory in these early scenarios of EFD. I played this many years ago but found the notes and will turn them into AAR's. The Soviets have a great advantage in this game as they get to pick the German leaders, so all the bottom of the barrel leaders are in play. There was only one leader with either a morale or combat bonus. The Soviets have the setup, heavy weapons and the numbers. The Germans need to run head long into the Soviets and need to kill steps.

Our play had the Soviets smartly grouped together in the woods on board 6. The Soviet mortar is off to the side with with some INF's while the main group is together around the HMG's. The Germans slowly enter the board from the west and it takes several turns before they start to close on the Soviets. By turn 8 the are in range and the Soviets fire with the OBA and mortars disrupting the German INF's. Several German INF's move to the north to try to flank the Soviets in the woods, but the Soviet quickly shift and HMG to cover the north and the German units disrupt and demoralize from the OBA fire. Regrouping and a lot of recoveries the Germans move again to flank the Soviets but again Soviet OP fire disrupts and demoralizes. The Soviets hit the recovering units with OBA and mortars for the first step losses.

After recovers the Germans move up again, this time they get close to assault the Soviet units, but without good leadership the German units disrupt and are stuck for several turns trying to recover. Meanwhile the Soviet artillery and mortars pick away at the demoralized German units with more double demoralization step losses. By turn 23 it is apparent that the Germans are not going to win. They have lost 12 steps to the Soviets 1; most of the German INF's are in some sort of recovery and the Soviet defense was intact.

Another example of a historical scenario, but though to play as a game with the Germans having such a big handicap.

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221st Security Division looking for excitement and finding more than they bargained for!
Author GeneSteeler
Method Solo
Victor Soviet Union
Play Date 2008-11-17
Language English
Scenario EFDx006


June 22, 1941 – West of Bialystok. Elements of the 221st Security Division meet up against elements of the 13th Rifle Division. The Security Division lightly armed (as heavy weapons aren’t required for rounding up unarmed civilians) feel left out of the action on 22 June as German forces along the border begin their Russian Campaign.

Consequently, an overzealous commander orders his forces to attack the Russian Rifle instead of waiting. 10 German infantry platoons, with one HMG platoon, advance against elements of the 13th Russian Rifle Division hiding in the woods…


The German forces begin their advance on the Russian position. Just before 8:00am the first mortars are fired and Russian Mortar teams are spotted by their smoke trail.


The Germans continue their advance under mortar and long range HMG fire.


The Germans begin to charge and half a platoon is lost to defensive fire


The Germans choose to lay down suppressing fire instead of advancing.


The Russian mortar crews are demoralized as Lt Wunderbar enters the woods and engages in assault. The remaining Germans are caught under heavy fire and begin to break.


German infantry is cut down trying to reinforce Lt Wunderbar.


German Capt Von Trapp dies from wounds received (12 on morale check). German infantry continues push to the woods while Russian infantry reinforce the assault from Lt Wunderbar.

A German Bf110 squadron flies overhead in a futile attack against the Russian mortars.


The assault builds up in intensity as 3 platoons on each side are now engaged. The Russian Lt flees.

Another German infantry platoon is reduced from Russian HMG fire (2-0 German losses-Russian losses)


German infantry and HMG platoon move into close assault in the woods, but both are demoralized. The Russian counter-attack and the infantry are reduced. (3-0)


In the new assault, the German troops are in trouble as the Russian continue their counter-attack. The infantry are eliminated and the HMG is reduced. It flees further into the woods. (5-0)

Another German Infantry platoon is reduced and flees. (6-0) Most of the German force has fled back towards the village where their Major is attempting to rally them.

Meanwhile, Lt Von Zilch takes two platoons along the northern wooded perimeter.


Artillery fire eliminates a German half platoon as they eagerly try to regroup. (7-0)


The Germans lose their top brass as a Soviet Sniper kills the German Major! The troops suffer from command confusion.

Having now lost their Major and Captain, the German remnants of the 221st Security Division are ‘lost’. Without any command (and both Lieutenants in the woods), they can only linger outside of Russian HMG range awaiting new orders.

This event puts extreme pressure on the German forces already in the woods, facing the whole of the Russian forces severely outnumbered. It things already looked bad, they just turned much badder.


Action heats up as Lt Von Zilch assaults the Russian mortar position which is eliminated along with half a Russian infantry platoon while trying to flee (7-2). The Russian HMG counter attacks and the German HMG is cut down (8-2). Taking advantage of their confusion Russian Col. Iganonov counter-assaults demoralizing both German infantry but losing some men in the process (8-3).

The battle has been condensed into two large assaults. With the Russians having the decided advantage of plenty of reinforcements!


A second HMG platoon joins Col Iganonov against Lt Von Zilch. 1 German platoon is lost while the other rallies (10-3). The Germans are in serious trouble!

11:15am – 11:45am

Russian disrupted forces make an organized withdrawal as reinforcements enter the assault.

Meanwhile Lt Wunderbar is trying to hold his men together but a huge firefight erupts with both sides losing men (11-4). Both sides are shattered, but the Russians are able to send in reinforcements to relieve their demoralized platoons.

The Germans withstand another counter-attack but, despite Lt Wunderbar’s warnings, one and a half platoons flee out of the woods!


Col Iganonov and Lt Von Zilch continue to battle it out with both sides taking more losses (12-5). Lt Von Zilch counter-attacks and the Russian infantry routs! (12-6)


Lt Von Zilch comes under heavy fire as a Russian HMG joins in the assault. The Germans are demoralized and eliminated while trying to flee. Lt Von Zilch surrenders. (13-6)

Lt Wunderbar is having a real bad day. Stuck in assault, he cannot order the troops that have fled to rally and advance (back into assault) once they recover! Locked in assault, he looks forward ominously at 2 Russian HMG squads advancing toward his position.

Daunted, the last German leader surrenders.


The importance of leaders was significantly evident in this battle. Losing two of their four leaders early, the Germans were faced with the problem that any fleeing platoons would not return (combat move) back towards the Russians!

Consequently, any fled squad was as good as eliminated. This caused the Germans, already taking losses, to become heavily outnumbered.

German forces remaining: 3 half INF platoons 2 full INF platoons Lt Wunderbar & INF platoon in assault

Russians only lost their mortar and 5 half platoons.

I prefer big toys, so I’m not a big fan of this scenario. To ‘spice’ it up both Fog of War and Random Event rules were in play. They hurt the Germans, but when their Major got sniped, I think the battle was already being lost quite effectively.

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