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Airborne #17
(Defender) Germany vs United States (Attacker)
Formations Involved
Germany 352nd Infantry Division
United States 29th "'Blue and Grey" Infantry Division
United States 327th Glider Infantry Regiment

Overall balance chart for Airb017
Side 1 1
Draw 1
Side 2 2
Overall Rating, 4 votes
Scenario Rank: --- of 588
Parent Game Airborne
Historicity Historical
Date 1944-06-10
Start Time 11:30
Turn Count 12
Visibility Day
Counters 19
Net Morale 0
Net Initiative 1
Maps 3: 1, 3, 4
Layout Dimensions 84 x 43 cm
33 x 17 in
Play Bounty 140
AAR Bounty 156
Total Plays 4
Total AARs 2
Battle Types
Enter & Exit
Kill Them All
Off-board Artillery
Scenario Requirements & Playability
Airborne counters
Eastern Front maps

Glider infantrymen of the 3rd Battalion, 327th Glider Regiment (still officially the 1st Bn, 401st Glider Regiment) were across the Douve River and preparing to participate in the attack on Carentan. Word came that there were unidentified troops in the nearby village of Auville-sur-le-Vey. Orders quickly followed to send a company to investigate. A Company was tagged and off they went.


Company A easily reached Auville-sur-le-Vey and made contact with the 29th Infantry Division troops holding the town. Four days after the landing, UTAH and OMAHA Beaches were officially linked. Another three days of fighting would be required before the connection became firm.

Additional Notes

This scenario requires boards from Eastern Front.

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2 Errata Items
Scen 17

The Glider infantry has only three units, so cannot fulfill the victory conditions (which require five units), So treat the victory conditions as five STEPS, not units.

(rerathbun on 2015 May 02)
Overall balance chart for 20

The reduced direct fire value of the Heer HMG became 5-5 starting with Fall of France.

(plloyd1010 on 2015 Jul 31)

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Not too exciting
Author rerathbun
Method Solo
Victor United States
Play Date 2015-05-02
Language English
Scenario Airb017

As noted in the AAR by dricher, the victory conditions for the Americans are impossible. So, I treated the victory conditions as requiring five STEPS, not units.

Still not a very exciting scenario. The Germans set up in the town and got only two infantry platoons as reinforcement, one of which was demoralized by American artillery on the way in.

The Americans opted to run past the Germans and they tried to slow them down with Opportunity Fire. Despite a couple of disruptions, the Americans recovered quickly and moved past for the win.

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Can't win before you even start
Author dricher
Method Solo
Victor Draw
Play Date 2014-04-29
Language English
Scenario Airb017

This scenario needs errata. The American win condition requires five UNITS (very specific, vs steps for German and similar unit vs step in Juncture II) that enter board 1 to reach the town on board 3. Unfortunately, there are only four units to start. No chance of victory. If the correction is four units, the Germans only need stop one unit from making the race to prevent the victory. Even with no Germans on the board the American HMG would need 10 of the 12 turns to reach the town. With Germans, fuhgeddaboutit. Perhaps the requirement is three? Since I seem to be the first to notice this error (can't find errata anywhere for this scenario), I'm guessing the world may never know.

I play anyway, the Americans hoping for their draw, but pushing for the town nonetheless. The Germans get early reinforcements, and a unit of Grens reinforce the town occupying HMG before the Americans can even get to the town. The Americans cannot risk the charge to assault range, as the opfire would come in on the 45+ column (Lt adds one to the combined 15 strength, shift for opfire, two for adjacent...). So, it's time to move around the town. The other Grens join, both move in a blocking position just outside the board 3 unit fire range, and the German HMG just rips dispersals on moving Americans. One of the units does not recover for SIX TURNS, another for five turns. With two units basically immobile, the other two manage to reach the town. No matter how you slice it, not enough units reach the town (I assume). But, the Germans inflict zero step losses. A boring, confusing draw. Even the American OBA can't generate goodness, only showing three times and failing to hit on two of those bombardments. The Germans should have charged the disrupted units earlier, but motivation was apparently lacking.


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