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Desert Rats #8 - Cavalleria
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Blood on the Snow 1: Across the Lake
Arctic Front #4
(Defender) Finland vs Soviet Union (Attacker)
Formations Involved
Finland 6th Bicycle Battalion
Soviet Union 662nd Rifle Regiment

Overall balance chart for AFro004
Side 1 2
Draw 0
Side 2 0
Overall Rating, 2 votes
Scenario Rank: --- of 609
Parent Game Arctic Front
Historicity Historical
Date 1939-12-15
Start Time 03:00
Turn Count 12
Visibility Night
Counters 48
Net Morale 1
Net Initiative 1
Maps 2: 4, 8
Layout Dimensions 56 x 43 cm
22 x 17 in
Play Bounty 149
AAR Bounty 163
Total Plays 2
Total AARs 1
Battle Types
Kill Them All
Urban Assault
Off-board Artillery
Severe Weather
Terrain Mods
Scenario Requirements & Playability
Arctic Front counters
Eastern Front maps + counters

North of Suomussalmi, a lone Finnish bicycle battalion (having traded its machines for skis) held back two battalions from 163rd Rifle Division. For several days the Finns and Soviets settled into static positions. With mounting losses to the increasing cold, the Red Army regiment's commander, Sharov, decided to break the stalemate with a daring night attack.


The Soviets failed to surprise the Finns, who mowed down the attacking Red Army infantry in waves. With no cover on the ice, even darkness could not save the 662nd from appalling losses. Soon the division would be fighting for its life, the survivors envying those evacuated earlier with frozen feet.

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4 Errata Items
Scen 4

Under "Other", On board 4, clear hexes are treated as Light Forest.

(rerathbun on 2012 Mar 03)
Scen 4

In the Soviet OOB, "2 x 81mm" should be "2 x 82mm"

(rerathbun on 2012 Mar 03)
Overall balance chart for 951

The reduced direct fire value in Kursk: Burning Tigers is 4-4.

(plloyd1010 on 2015 Jul 31)
Overall balance chart for 993

Kommissars never get morale or combat modifiers. Ignore misprints.

(Shad on 2010 Dec 15)

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Jimmy Buffett
Author Matt W
Method Solo
Victor Finland
Play Date 2012-09-15
Language English
Scenario AFro004

When I sit down to write up an AAR I pull out the log sheet that I use and try to visualize the situation again and find the major themes of the play. This one led to a sad pun.

You see a large group of Soviets are charged with crossing a frozen lake in front of a smaller group of Finns holding the shoreline. It is nightime so any opportunity fire will be very effective if the Soviets are caught on the lake itself (zero cover). The Finns set up in two groups on the left and right with the intention of funnelling the Soviets into the center of the map.

As the Soviets seek to avoid DF attacks they comply with the Finns strategy pushing directly towards the town. At that point there were "Finns to the left, Finns to the right" and those of you who know who Jimmy Buffett is and his song "Fins" will understand the title of this AAR. It will also give you a quick glimpse into my character during my 30s and early 40s. I should note that growing children provide a brake to such behavior...

In any event the Soviets push up the road, the Finns surround them, shooting and assaulting with abandon and deliver the type of slaughter expected in a Winter War scenario. To give the Soviets some respect, they had some units actually reach the town but they were ejected prior to the close of the action.

This is exactly the type of scenario that Arctic Front exists to provide. A horde of Soviets attacking a smaller group of high morale Finns in nastry weather on a frozen lake. How can you go wrong? I give it a "4" and walk away humming that darn song...

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