Panzer Grenadier Battles on November 20th:
Carpathian Brigade #2 - A Very Nice Change Invasion of Germany #35 - A Day Late
Desert Rats #13 - Advance And Engage Jungle Fighting #5 - Baptism
Desert Rats #14 - Bir Bu Meliha Jungle Fighting #6 - Re-establishing The Line
Desert Rats #15 - Sidi Rezegh: Counter-Attack Panzer Grenadier #15 - Siberian Night Attack
Eastern Front #85 - Siberian Night Attack Roer River Battles #9 - Grasping at Straws
Heroes of the Soviet Union #19 - Stalingrad Fire Brigade Roer River Battles #10 - A Day Late
Invasion of Germany #34 - Grasping at Straws
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Map 32

Panzer Grenadier Headquarters Library Map: 32 for Panzer Grenadier game series
This map is dominated by a 20m hill covering the entire center of the map, capped with a 40m hill. A very large town takes over most of the southern edge of the map below the hill. Various roads run north and south.
Included in
Fall of France
Overall Rating, 57 votes
Map Rank: 33 of 107

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