Poll: Do you play GWAS and/or SWWAS?
Yes, both GWAS and SWWAS
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How many PG-HQ'ers are also GWAS/SWWAS players?
Coming back to the discussion, I'm finding that I have spent most of my board gaming time with PG, but since picking up SOPAC, I have been doing a bit more solo play with that. Made it through the first 6 battle scenarios so far, and played the Bismarck vs Hood scenario from the Bismarck game using the smaller tactical board from SOPAC due to lack of space. I've come to realize that if I had a place like PG-HQ to report GWAS and SWWAS games, I'd likely be further along with them and about half of where I am with the PG-HQ promotion and reporting system. Love the games, but having something to keep track and somewhat reward my play has been a motivator. As far as ownership, I had most of the GWAS games and books before I bought my first PG game, but had not actually started playing any of them, and now have 5 or 6 of the SWWAS games and books, and they helped push me to actually playing one.

Tom Oxley

Tom Oxley
Technically both, although I've been getting rid of my SWWAS stuff for lack of usage. Whether GWAS goes that route, or whether I come back to SWWAS remains to be seen.
I have 2 of the SWWAS games (Coral Sea, Midway) and I've started 2 battles with a friend though not finished either one. I'm not sure if I like the system or not.

I really enjoyed Flat Top back in the day. I think it was the not knowing where the other guy was and the hunt. I can see where SWWAS tried to simplify it but it loses something. In one of the games I hadn't found his fleet yet but since I knew where it was I was trying to predict where he was going to end up and zig-zag around to 'find' him.

I might like GWAS better with the lack of air planes and with the optional tactical combat I've heard mentioned but not seen.
The battle game is okay, but I really got these for the operational game. I was going to go to minis with GQ3 (WW2) or Fleet Action Imminent (WW1) for the tactical encounters. But I have grown to enjoy the simplicity of the battle scenarios. Scenarios 1 and 3 from SOPAC have only a few impulses, with sighting already having happened, and they are pretty much over in one shot. The Bismarck vs Hood battle scenario from the Bismarck game took two rounds, but then Bismarck went to the bottom and both British ships stopped to lick wounds and let the Prinz Eugen get away.

I had Flat Top but never had anyone to game with at that point, and the kids were at an awkward age, where leaving a game out anywhere wasn't safe against the occasional thrown toy. I really need to go back to the Dreadnoughts book and try out that set of rules for WW1. I now have a local player who wants to do some of these games.
Having space and someone to play with is key. Smile

I recently acquired space (a basement). I have get together with someone about once every 2 months to play face to face. We mostly do PG but we've broken out some old games to play... Submarine, Air Force, a WWI plane vs plane game, Panzer...

I played Flat Top just out of HS with some friends in the neighborhood. I went so far as to buy a 2nd copy so we could play double blind though we never got around to it. Not sure if my face-to-face guy would want to play it or not.

I have been playing more games non-face to face lately. I have one PG game going via email, one via Vassal and one Band of Brothers game via Vassal. That does take care of the space/kids/cats problem. Smile
It was funny that I found a local player for PG through BGG, looking at the players owning Pusan Perimeter. Then found he owned much of the GWAS and SWWAS stuff as well. We don't get together as often as I'd like but it is cool to be able to play these games somewhere along the line. Trying to get my son, a Chief Petty Officer in the Navy, to play naval game, board or mini, but his idea of gaming fun is still Warhammer 40K. I'm helping him teach his boys X-Wing, but maybe I can get them to try something else one of these days.

As I get ready to retire from my second career, space around the house has actually shrunk. We are both crafters, and collectors, and then there is my homebrewing, so there seems to be something in every space around. The card table I keep up for painting minis is usually full, so I set up a folding craft table for the occasional game. Key reasons for my playing larger games at work, where I always have a clear table large enough for 4 PG boards or even some of the larger scenarios. The local player meets me at my workplace on a Saturday about once a month because there is so much room here. Now if I can just get him to sign up here at PG-HQ.
Man, it would be dangerous to start setting up games at work. Smile We did use to run D&D games here after hours on some Friday nights in the conference room.

Not sure where else you puruse gaming stuff but on Facebook people were posting pictures of their gaming areas. Someone had a... map cabinet sort of. About waist high with a bunch of narrow drawers in it. He would set up the games in the drawers and could push them in and pull them out as needed. Very cool.

Kind of like this: http://www.tigersupplies.com/Products/SMI-5-Drawer-Oak-Flat-File-30-x-42__3042O-5D.aspx?ProductVariantId=727e783c-5b27-46bc-8e97-7d28773b2534&gclid=CLiFmIu2wsgCFZKIaQod64MGRA
I have some quiet days where I'm the only one here and with nobody to support. So, I put a game on a small table behind the door. Not really hiding back there but don't want to advertise that I'm not really busy if somebody should come by. Most weeks I get a game in on Fridays, some weeks I can get in one on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. On a good week, I get one in on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and then follow up with one on Saturday and another on Sunday. My wife has chronic pain issues so we don't go out much, and she knows I can't just sit and wait for her to need something, and while I'm gaming, I'm still able to stop and get things for her. If I could ever get my 'to-be-painted' pile of gaming miniatures down, I could probably clean up my 'hobby room' and put a table there, among my GI Joe collection. But since I buy new minis at a faster rate than I paint them, I don't think that will ever happen. Smile
Oy, sorry to hear about you wife. That sucks. Sad

I find my solo skills are lacking. I get bored and never finish the battle. I used to be able to do it when I was younger. Weird.

If you ever want to try a Vassal game let me know. I'm usually sitting at my PC Mon-Fri and I could do a few turns a day. PM me or something.

Good luck with your painting!

I would love to try Vassal scenarios since I spend so much time in front of a pc!!! Problem is, I have no idea how to use Vassal :-(

Is there a tutorial anywhere? I'm also willing to try Skype or PBeM but I hear that takes forever. I travel a lot for work and have many hours per week in the hotel twiddling my thumbs. If any of you want a live opponent, I'm game. Oh and Thomas.... I'm not too far away from you... I'm in Spring Hill, so we could probably meet for a ftf once in a while as well.

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