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To Hell With Spain
Those of you who missed this downloaded game for IA may have a second chance. See if JFK is still able to offer it as a donation premium at Consimworld.

To Hell with Spain is played primarily IIRC on the Elsenborne maps. Spanish, cuban irregular, and U.S. army and volunteers order of battle, circa 1898. Gives you a view toward intervention forces in a game or module on the International Rescue expedition to the Seige of Peking.
Available how?
(08-10-2014, 12:10 AM)Blackcloud6 Wrote: Available how?

Available in the past. This was produced back 2010. It was a download that is now discontinued.
Mike gave JFK at consimworld the right to distribute the pdf in return for a donation during the last fund raiser there. He might still have it available for a donation to consimworld.
Bulletin: today Oct 9 through Oct 30 if you're a gold clubber you can get a professionally printed copy of To Hell With Spain, the second large I.A. game.

This will give you (among many other things) turn of the century U.S. Army forces, for possible future use in the Peking Expedition (where the U.S. was a good guy) and the Phillippines Insurrection (where the U.S. was the bad guy).
What's the price of these items?
The Spain game is $49.99.
The original included a download of the rulesbook and charts for I.A. don't know if this would. There would be two countersheets for this game.
Thanks for the information.

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