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Lawrence of Arabia
I won;t be far behind...
As we accumulate more desert boards, we will be able to relocate more and more AK, DR, SAW and CB scenarios to the new desert maps. Same order of battle, slightly different battlefield equals different results!
I wonder if this campaign will be included along with a board for the Canal.
And this one even has a tank in it !
Getting closer to release..and the first new I.A. book since the Mouse that Roared is now on the event horizon.
Every new day brings us one day closer to its release. But whether it is close (within 90 days from today) or distant, (>180 days), that's what I would like to know.
If nothing goes devastating Tornado, no major flood damage, no financial reversals no deaths or drastic illnesses, medium to distant looks likely.

I'm just glad that enough work is done on the year of PG projects that Dr. B. can go back to addressing the I.A. project. The future of the series depends more or less on the success of the next two releases, which will be direct sales only. Direct sales is both a good thing (you're selling to people who want the product, and you're not having to print 1,000 copies to supply wholesalers, and having to advance them 90 day credit) and a bad thing, a whole lot less exposure, unless you utilize on-line retailers as your distribution store-front.

There is so much available to be covered in the I.A. period, from the Siege of Peking and colonial campaigns of Italy, France, and Britain through the War to End All Wars to the Russian Civil War and the Russo-Polish War.

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