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Fall Of Empires
There is a new piece on the Austria-Hungary soldiers in the new upcoming Infantry Attacks Game.

Avalanche Press site
Man, this is my next to last long-term pre-order. I bit the bullet when the game was called Imperial Grendier and marketed like Citadel. They years have been kind to me..the release version of Fall of Empires will have 60 scenarios and a whole lot more counters, because an additional Russian army needs to be added since the game was split. Quite a few more scenarios that the demi-game was advertised at, because Mike loves Austro-Hungarian forces and had a few more years to think about scenario creation in his off moments.

A look at the price difference between I.A. and F of E reflects not only the additional countersheets, but also the difference between die cut and laser produced counters.
Fall of Empires will cover the Galician campaign through Dec 31 1914.

Sounds like the gargantuan Gorlice-Tarnow offensive of 1915 can be subject to a new boxed game, as can the Serbian campaign. :-)
I've ordered it. I like AP's article focus on the Austro-Hungarian army. It's not an easy subject to find information on.

Here is another good site:

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